A New Approach in Mission Work

Training Men in Their Native Country

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For decades we have sent families into the mission field to reach foreign cultures with the Gospel. These efforts have had mixed results at best. Many works thrive as long as the missionaries stay in the field, but as soon as they return home the work they leave behind crumbles.

As a brotherhood, we have also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring men to the States to be trained expecting them to return to their countries and evangelize. This has also had mixed results as once these men spend two or three years in the United States, they don't want to return to their home countries. If they do return, they often want to live much like they did while they were in the States. Obviously, this poses many problems.

At Bear Valley, We take a different approach to these problems - we train preachers in their native country. Working with congregations throughout the brotherhood, preaching schools have been established in many foreign countries with more on the way. We train men to be preachers and evangelists while they live within their own communities and culture. They become the preachers and missionaries to their own people. No culture shock, no dependence on American missionaries.

Training men from other countries in the States has often been unsuccessful

Over the years we have found that bringing men to the United States to train them typically doesn't work. After two years of living in our country, they don't want to go back to their own. As they adapt to our culture, their desire to return to their own seems to diminish. There certainly have been some successes in doing this, but they are more the exception than the rule.

Training men in their native culture resolves this problem. Working with mission-minded churches in the U.S., we have helped them provide preaching training in these foreign countries. These Extension Schools allow a man to stay connected with his countrymen, and many times stay active in the church where he lives. Without the culture shock of moving to the States, these men get right to work learning to preach and evangelize. Many times they put this training to work immediately in their own culture while they study. 

Placing an individual or family in the field often does not produce the desired results

Sending an individual or family to work in a foreign country as missionaries has also had mixed results overall. Often times, the work does well while the missionary remains in the field, but as soon as he leaves, the church that is left behind falls apart. We see it time and time again.