The Bear Valley congregation is amazing!


One of the great benefits of the Bear Valley program is the congregation that works here. The Bear Valley church of Christ has been and continues to be an integral part of the school and its work training preachers. This congregation has been involved in training preachers for ministry since 1965. They welcome each new student with open arms and many life-long relationships have been formed through the years.

Adoptive Parents Program

Members of the congregation "adopt" our students during their stay here. These "parents" help our students get connected to the congregation and are there to help new students acclimate to Denver. Fellowship is key at Bear Valley. This close knit spiritual family will endear themselves to you right from the start.

Caring Shepherds and Ministry Staff


The elders at Bear Valley are here to watch over your soul during you stay here. They are actively involved in shepherding the flock and they will get to know you well while you are with us.

Our pulpit minister, Neal Pollard, is a great examples for our students. He and his family minister to this congregation and do a wonderful job of challenging us all to grow and stretch in our service to the Lord. They are active in mission work and always look for ways to serve. He also is an instructor in the Bible Institute teaching Homiletics and Preacher and His Work.

Family Oriented

The congregation here is very family oriented. Our youth group is active and involved in the work of the church.