Deeper Bible Study is Not Just for Men

Womens' Program

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It has been said that some opportunities come along only once in a lifetime. We are not sure if this is true, but there is an opportunity knocking at your door right now. It is an opportunity to prepare yourself for greater service by attending the Bear Valley Bible Institute Women's Program.

The need for women to gain knowledge from Bible studies and prepare for ministry is important because of the multiple roles women have in the home, church, market place, and community. The program provides in-depth, insightful, and inspirational material designed to explore the Bible from a woman’s perspective and needs; learning how to properly apply lessons to life.

In the program women are encouraged to recognize greater responsibilities placed upon them by God. Many women have come to understand the critical need to find the time in which to read and study the Bible in order to grow spiritually, become better wives and parents, improve their ministry skills, and learn how to communicate God’s message to their friends and neighbors. Women are taught to examine their talents and skills in order to recognize where God wants them to work in the body. This is putting into practice what is learned.

Women students who complete their studies are prepared and equipped to research and write literary papers, teach children, teens, and adult women, and accept speaking assignments for women’s groups. They learn what it means to keep a positive attitude. They learn the art of hospitality. They learn how to evangelize through their ministries. They research the women of the Bible. Those who are married learn to be better wives and mothers. Those who are married to men who are preparing to be preachers learn the challenges and rewards of being a preacher’s wife from women who have experienced it. Through in-depth Bible study and ministry courses, emphasis is placed on the husband and wife being a team in the work.


Certificates and Degree

The Bear Valley Bible Institute awards a Certificate in Biblical Studies to the women who successfully complete the required sixteen courses over a period of two years. This certificate can be earned by attending Monday and Wednesday night classes. Monday night classes are held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and the Wednesday night classes run from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY OF OUR COURSES ONLINE. Both married and single women attend these classes. Most who attend are the wives of the preacher students. It is the responsibility of the husbands to baby sit while wives attend class. On Wednesday nights it is the husband’s responsibility to take the children to their Wednesday night class at 7:00 p.m. and pick them up at 8:00 p.m.

The sixteen courses include :Major Biblical Doctrines

  • The Godhead

  • The Life of Christ (a study of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)

  • Acts

  • Textual study of the book of James

  • Biblical Counseling

  • Genesis

  • Wisdom Literature

  • Biblical Exegesis

  • Public Speaking

  • Teaching Methods

  • Christian Attitudes

  • Marriage and Family

  • Evangelistic Women

  • Women of the Bible

  • Personal Spiritual Growth

Women are encouraged to take any of the day classes that can fit into their schedules. They may take the classes for credit or audit them just for the knowledge they can receive.

The men instructors of the Bear Valley Bible Institute teach the first nine classes listed above. We are also fortunate to have a group of godly, dedicated, and prepared women instructors who teach the remainder of the classes listed.

Upgrading to a degree

Women with previous college credit may be able to receive an Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies by transferring qualified college credit to Bear Valley before graduation. For more information contact our Academic Dean, Donnie Bates -

Application for Admission

Women must submit an application for admission to the Bear Valley Bible Institute. The school is under the oversight of the Bear Valley Church of Christ elders who must give their approval before a student is accepted. The Bear Valley Bible Institute is tuition free, although there are books and material costs that are the student’s responsibility. Students are also responsible for their living expenses while in school. They may raise this money from churches, individuals, trust funds, GI bill etc.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by...

The opportunity is now in your hands. Please pray about being a part of the women’s program at the Bear Valley Bible Institute. If your husband is considering coming to the school, please encourage him. You will become a mighty team for God’s work. You will not know until eternity how much the Kingdom of God benefited as a result of your preparation at Bear Valley Bible Institute. If you are a single woman, please consider enrolling in one of the programs offered at Bear Valley Bible Institute. There are many opportunities in the Lord’s work for prepared, dedicated women.

Other information for women students:

  • Bear Valley Bible Institute has a dress code for students. When in class or when visiting the school when classes are in session you must dress appropriately. Dressy casual clothing is best such as dresses, skirts, or dress pants. Dresses and skirts must come to the knee or below. Jeans, overalls, shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, tee shirts, sports shirts, sports sandals, or flip-flops are not allowed. When visiting the facility when school is not in session, you may dress more casual such as clean jeans and clean tennis shoes.

  • Always be an example for others in dress, personal appearance, words, actions, and self-control.

  • If you are married, while you are preparing to become a better woman, help your husband in any way you can to become a better man. Encourage him to keep up his studies even if it means less social life. Plan special time with the family and stick to it.

  • Watch your finances. Be willing to make sacrifices while in school. If you have children, help them realize the sacrifices you are making are for God and His work.

  • Watch your health. Try to develop good exercise and nutrition habits.

  • Freshmen women students from all programs are expected to be at orientation. This includes women from the Monday and Wednesday night program. Upper class women will provide child-care during orientation. Check with the school office for the orientation schedule. At the beginning of your second year, you will be expected to help with child-care during orientation for new students.

  • There is a tea in honor of the freshmen women. It is held in the Bear Valley fellowship hall on the first Monday night that classes meet. All women students are expected to attend. The Bear Valley Church of Christ elders’ wives host this event.

  • There is a tea in May to honor the graduating women. It is given by the under class women students and it takes place on Saturday of graduation weekend.

  • Other school activities include all school picnics, seasonal parties, and women’s devotionals. The Church of Christ ladies’ Bible class meets on Tuesday morning at 9:45. Women students who are not in day classes are encouraged to attend. Childcare is provided. You will enjoy the discussion type classes.