Keith teaches in the Philippines

It was again my pleasure and privilege to teach in the Bear Valley school in Cebu, Philippines. Having taught them four times now, I can easily see the progress they have made and it makes very incredibly proud to see how far they’ve come and how much they have learned!

About half of the students are already preaching for churches and as a result, what they are learning immediately helps the churches they preach for. In April i taught “Christian Evidences” and that information has already made its way into congregations. This time I taught the Gospel of John and I expect the same benefit for both preacher and congregation.

My last day there, long-time Filipino preacher and Director of Philippines Institute of Biblical Studies, Reuben Emperado (seated 2nd from left) had what we believe was a mild stroke. Please pray for his recovery.

In 1943 the population of Philippines was 17 million; by 2100 is is projected to be 10 times that, at 170 million! We need more and more gospel messengers for a growing world.



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Prayers for Haiti

International School of Theology – Haiti

International Extension School of Bear Valley Bible Institute 

IST Enters Its Sixth Year 

The International School of Theology (IST) has now entered its sixth year of training gospel preachers and teachers.  The graduating class of 2019 was the first group of students to complete the three-year program.  Excited about reaching the lost, planting new congregations and strengthening existing congregations, these men move forward.  Your prayers are requested for them and their service.  With the departing class there is also an incoming class of students.  We are excited to have four ladies who have entered the program.  These ladies presently serve in local congregations.  They are involved in teaching younger women, leading in ladies’ activities and teaching Bible classes for ladies and children.  Their goal for attending IST, is to become better teachers of God’s precious word.  Fifteen men have entered the three-year program.   They have embarked upon a journey that will change their lives and influence the saving of souls for generations.  Please pray for all of our students, teachers and directors. 

Prayers for Haiti 

Prayers are needed for the country of Haiti.  For almost a year Haiti has been in turmoil because of political unrest.  Medical teams, short term mission groups, and working groups have had to cancel their trips.  I had to cancel two of my trips to visit with the students and teach short courses.  There have been weeks when the students of IST have not been able to attend class.  Roadblocks, burning of tires, and shootings often bring Haiti to a standstill and the government has had little power to stop the demonstrations. While there has been no violence directly in the area of IST, the demonstrations prompted the need for more security.  Therefore, a ten-feet high, 460-feet long wall has been constructed on the back portion of the IST property.  This stops crossover traffic and will help keep squatters from trying to live on the property.  When funds are raised, the other side of the property will be walled.  Once this is accomplished, the entire property will be walled and secure; the estimated cost for this is $12,000.   Please pray as efforts are made to enclose and secure the property of IST. 

God Is Still in Control

While concerned about the problems in Haiti and for the safety of the church, our students, teachers and directors, we know that God is still in control.  God does not want the unrest, but if we truly give this situation to him, he will use it to his glory.  Just as he used the earthquake to open the door to thousands of souls, he will use this in some way.  It may not be apparent today how God will use this unrest but trusting in God is the key to weathering the storm.  Thank you for your continued prayers for IST, the government, the people and the church in Haiti.    “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth!”  The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.  (Psalms 46:10,11)

Larry Waymire


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Donnie Estep's report

                           2019 (August-September) Southern Africa Report 

      The work in southern Africa is going very well.  I was greatly encouraged as I was able to visit five of our Bear Valley schools, including one of our newest schools which began in May of this year in Maseru, Lesotho! The other schools in addition to Lesotho were Gweru, and Harare in Zimbabwe, Luanshya, Zambia and Ekwendeni, Malawi.  Although it was a busy, full schedule it was also very productive.  I am so thankful and appreciative to all who have contributed to our efforts in training local preachers to teach the Gospel as we seek to fulfill our Lord’s commission to make disciples in all the world (Matthew 28:19-20).

      The first school I visited was in Maseru, Lesotho.  This school is one of our newest extended programs, meeting every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. This allows the student to work full time while attending the Bible school on the weekends. Although it will take twice as long to complete the course work it allows the student to continue to support his family as he pursues a Bible education. I have found these students are often more mature in age and in their faith. In addition, many are already leaders within the local congregations having a desire to grow and mature in their knowledge of God’s word and in their service for the church.  I was very pleased to discover one of the elders in the Maseru congregation attending my class. What a great example for others to see the need to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.

   Tawanda Mwadiya is our director at BVBI-Lesotho and is doing a great job in teaching and directing the school. Tawanda, additionally, works with and preaches for the Maseru church of Christ along with Vincent M. Shata.  Vincent teaches for the school, but he is also the preacher and one of the elders of the congregation in Maseru. This congregation has graciously allowed us to use their building to operate the school.  I taught the Scheme of Redemption to 17 students on August 30th and September 1st.  In addition, I had the privilege that Sunday to preach in a young congregation, that the students and preachers have established, just outside the city limits of Maseru. The congregation is called the Sehlabeng church of Christ. I was very impressed with the unity of all these brethren and work being done by the school, staff, students and churches in Lesotho. I am excited about the work and growth in Lesotho!

     Finishing there, I traveled to Gweru Zimbabwe, via Johannesburg, South Africa to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, then driving the 2 hours to the school in Gweru.  Although the students were not in school that first week in September, as they were all out in the local congregations getting much needed practical work, nevertheless it was a productive visit.  Matthew Muchingami, our director, met me at the airport, and we were able to visit some of the students that were working near Bulawayo. This is part of their work and training as preachers. This work is reviewed and assessed as a prerequisite in order to graduate from the program. The local churches provide housing for the students and feed them as they evangelize and conduct Bible studies day to day.  It is a win/win for the school and the local churches as the students get much needed practical work and the local churches are encouraged and helped as their membership increases in number and in faith!

     I was able to visit with Matthew and discuss with him the work in general, in addition, we visited the property that was given to the school by the government where there is much work and planning being done. Two wells (bore holes) have been drilled complete with solar powered pumps. Much of the land has been/is being cleared. A small guard house has been constructed along with a larger building that may serve as a classroom and library in the near future. The foundation for the school is now completed that will house the students as well as classrooms. This has all been accomplished with a minimal amount of funding.

     Some of the benefits of moving to this property will be additional space that will allow us to increase the student enrollment to 20 students or possibly even more in the future. The 600 dollars monthly rent that is currently being paid can go toward finishing the construction of the property. Once that is completed there will be a savings of 7200 dollars a year.  Having such a large piece of land (8 Hectors) allows the school to grow much of their own food as well as raise livestock. The students can learn farming and agricultural techniques in addition to getting a good Bible education.  I was excited to see all that is being done and the hard work that has been invested by the staff, students, board and local congregations as they partner together!

     The financial situation in Zimbabwe continues to be a major challenge and, if anything, seems to have worsened since the removal and now death of its leader, Robert Mugabe. It is nearly impossible to get more than 20-50 dollars a day from the bank. The lines are much too long, often taking hours to withdraw even a small amount of currency. Because of this, I carried with me three months support sent to me by Woodland Oaks the overseeing congregation. Despite the difficulties these Christians are facing, they are working hard and continue to plan and develop strategies for the future. The church continues to grow in number and in faith as they go forth evangelizing!

     On Thursday September 5th Matthew and I drove the 4 hours to Harare to visit our sister school and meet with, our director, Howard Suwari and his family.  I wanted to see how things are progressing with the school and the students, and as I suspected, they continue to do extremely well.  As I mentioned earlier, the students in the extended programs, overall, seem to be more mature in their faith and generally make up the leadership in the local churches. It is always impressive to me to see these men and woman continue to want to grow and develop in their faith and love for God. The school is doing well consisting of about 27 students overall, 20 men and 7 ladies.  And, of course Howard and his lovely family continue to work hard serving the local church and directing the school. I always enjoy visiting this family, their love for the Lord is evident.  I am so grateful for their hospitality that is shown to me.  Even though my stay was brief, I so much enjoyed being with this godly family.

     Following my visit to Zimbabwe my next stop was to Zambia to teach during the second week of September.  Luanshya, Zambia is in the northern part of the country near the border of the Congo. I taught 2 Corinthians this time, already having taught 1 Corinthians early this year (February). The students all did very well, and they seem to be growing and maturing in their faith and in their teaching and preaching. I always enjoy attending chapel services in the morning and hearing the students present lessons and lead the worship in song. They are doing an outstanding job as they continue to grow! Fred and Cephas along with Kennedy have done a good job teaching and developing these young men and leading them on evangelistic campaigns throughout the year.  I was very pleased to see them growing and moving forward.  I had time to talk with Fred and Cephas about the work and their future plans and it seems they are making extra efforts to be more evangelistic in the community, in the local churches, and throughout the copper belt region.  It was a pleasure being there during the second week of September.

     On Saturday September 14th I flew from Ndola, Zambia to Lilongwe, Malawi where Ephron Mbano, our director, was there to meet me. We drove the 4 ½ hours north to Ekwendeni where the school is located, and I stayed with Mbano and his family. I am so thankful for him, and his wife Beauty, and their 2 children, they always take such good care of me. I taught the Prison Epistles that week and the students all did outstanding. They were even more enthusiastic than usual seeing they were graduating that Saturday.  I have so much enjoyed and appreciated these 13 students. They have done well having transitioned from the school in Mzuzu and moving 30 minutes north to Ekwendeni.  We started with 15 students but 2 of them dropped out along the way. However, these men I am confident will go forth preaching Gods Word as they extend and defend the faith. Mbano and Clergynton have well prepared these men to be faithful Gospel preachers!

     On September 21st the students received their Advanced Diplomas in Biblical Studies from BVBI-Ekwendeni, Malawi. The ceremony went very smoothly, and we had guests from 2 other schools of preaching and representatives from 4 or 5 of the local congregations as well as former students who made up the first graduating class. The students and all who were in attendance was very pleased with the ceremony as we enjoyed a delicious meal afterwards.

     During my time in Malawi I also had the opportunity to preach in Mbano’s home village. I loved meeting these good folks and the local preacher is doing an outstanding job. He is a former graduate of Mzuzu Bible College. The churches in Malawi, although impoverished, are strong and growing spiritually. The potential is tremendous!

     When I think of the work in Africa, overall, I am reminded of our Lord’s words when he said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Luke 10:2). I am truly thankful to all those who support me both financially and, in your prayers, as we work together to fulfill God’s purpose in saving souls. Thanks to Woodland Oaks church of Christ, Williamson Area church of Christ, Main Street church of Christ (Pikeville KY), Otsego church of Christ and Ben Creek church of Christ as well as individual Christians.

     I left Johannesburg, South Africa on September 24th and returned home on the25th. I could not have asked for a better or more pleasant trip. Everything went smoothly and the weather was ideal during my time there. I am also grateful to be working with Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver Colorado, we now have 40 extension schools throughout the world as we train men to preach the Gospel. If you want to learn more of what is happening, please visit our website at  or contact me at .

Office: 606-237-4673

Home: 304-475-3906

Cell #   304-784-5416


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Amazing practicum results in Zimbabwe



The major goal of BVBIZ is to produce highly qualified ,equipped and competent servants of God who will be able to transform communities. This is not one day job. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifices from both students, teachers and all stakeholders. In the month of September, the school continued to put more building blocks at various levels and in various ways. These are reported hereunder.


On the 8th of September, students went on a two week break and came back on the 22nd to resume their classes. All students came back. This is now their seventh term with BVBIZ. There is only one more term remaining for them including 6 months practicum/attachment  which will be followed by their graduation in October next year.


The school successfully had its field practicum from the 22nd of June to the 8th of September. Students were distributed in to 6 centres.  Our appreciation goes to congregations that benefitted from this program for giving our students such an opportunity and for providing them with both accommodation and food throughout the period. This was a great partnership. Many were taught, hospitals were visited, counselling sessions we done, and the seed was sown. Many souls were baptised and several backsliders restored. A congregation was planted at Redcliff. Attendances rose sharply.  Comments from various congregations were encouraging. Some preachers who worked with these students had the following to say;

We were so privileged to have the student preachers at Nketa 9. The did very well and worked hard. The church grew in numbers as we gained new prospects. The evangelism program went well. They showed great potential in sermon presentations. They had no problem in the community. They related with everyone  well. (N. Ndlovu, preacher at Nketa 9)

The students who worked with us in Bulawayo and Stanhope were focused, disciplined and presented lessons and sermons which were Bible centred (H.V Mlangeni for Stanhope)

The field program was good indeed. The ways evangelism and services were conducted were just good (G. Mutambara for Redcliff).

The partnership was worth. It was time that only limited them but they had much to offer. They were energetic and  committed throughout the program. They knocked doors, 9 were baptized and several restored. A swap was done and we complained before we realised that whoever comes from BVBIZ is a worthy asset in the vineyard. They met the congregation’s expectation with minimum supervision. The men and youths are now equipped after their programs……. (D.Siwedi, preacher at Sharara).

The following were the results from the twelve week practicum;

Item                                        Total   

Hours out                              1678

devotions                               352

Sermons preached               265

Song leading                           94

Bible Classes                          98

Total Lessons taught            1066

Counselling sessions            24

Prospects                                930

Tracts distributed                    709

WBS booklets distributed       372

Restorations                            49

Baptisms                                 74


Construction of the first house for students progressed quickly in the month of September. Besides the funds that were made available for the foundation, the school also used its reserves and resources that were meant for the pit latrine to purchase materials for the major structure. Our appreciation also goes to Coalmont Church of Christ for also providing US$150 towards this effort. Because of the depletion of resources, the work has now stopped but we praise God for the progress made. The prayers of everyone at BVBIZ is for more resources to get the building to completion. Once the building is complete, BVBIZ will move from its rented facility to this permanent site.


For an average of one week per term, students and teachers go on a week-long evangelism campaign at selected areas. Congregations who requests this service will meet the cost of accommodation and feeding. In October, from the 6th to the 13th, some of the students will be camped at Buchwa in Mberengwa whilst others will be at Warren Park in Harare.


Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things (Phil. 4.8). To God be the glory!

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22 more baptized in Cameroon!

Dearest in Christ,

Calvary greetings to you all over there on the other part of the globe. With joy I bring to you this report after a successful mission work with students in the field. It was nice to move from one house to another in different villages preaching with students. I do hope this report finds you well in all that you do. We keep you in our prayers. Please keep us in your prayers as well.

Please continue to pray for us and the situation of our country. We do hope the dialogue that started today will go a long way to restore peace in Cameroon. We prayed yesterday during worship and we continue to pray for peace because this crisis has caused a lot of untold suffering to many, both Christians and non-Christians. Many are suffering. In my house I am accommodating 30 persons now. It is not easy to feed ourselves and buy medication when people are sick. We have a case in our congregation. A young lady came two days ago. Her husband was killed and she is left with a 4 months old child. She does not have anything as she barely escaped alive with her baby. People told her, “Go to the church of Christ in Wotutu, they will help you.”

Students returned with great news of souls that were rescued from the captivity of the evil one. A total of 14 precious souls were harvested in the Wotutu community, a total of 22 souls were baptized in all places put together, 5 fall away Christians return to the Lord, and 2 new congregations were established. Please keep these souls in your prayers as they walk with Christ.

Our students have grown far from the first day they came to Wotutu till date. They are making great progress in their ability to handle the word. The Wotutu congregation is always impressed with a hand-full of them, even though some are still struggling to grow. Keep our students in your prayers as they keep learning.

The following is our rich agenda.  NEW TESTAMENT WORSHIP, WISDOM LITERATURE, PROVERBS, ECCLESSIASTES, PSALMS AND SONGS OF SOLOMON, 1ST AND 2ND THESSSALONIANS, PERSONAL EVANGELISM 2 - DEALING WITH CHURCH PLANTING, CHURCH MUSIC, ENGLISH . Please pray for us as we help transplant all of this great knowledge to our students preparing them for full time ministry.


We are back and weekend evangelism commences. This weekend I will be preaching in a funeral in a village. I will be there with 8 students. We shall evangelize the area as usual. We are still thinking of virgin lands to explore with the gospel and also to visit the Yato congregation for a revival.


May God bless you for all that you are doing to keep this work going. Thanks very much for all you do. May God bless you and replenish your efforts and finances.

Please do your best to share our reports with others.

Elangwe and family,

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

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Prayers requested in Cambodia

Hello Brothers and Sisters from Cambodia,
We are ever grateful for everyone who is a part of our Bible school, whether in prayer, support or both.

School Update We have been going through some difficult times at IBISR with our students. Many who enrolled last year have had to return home or leave to help support their families income. Our staff is determined to lead and work through these times of recruiting and teaching. We understand that the Lord is watching over us and keep us in His protection and that He expects us to remain faithful and optimistic. All of our staff and current students have been on a continual effort to recruit new students at the universities, villages and in Siem Reap. Many are interested as we handed out information and talked with village leaders. These interested said that after the Pchum Ben festival Holiday (over Oct. 1) would respond.
We have been on Holiday Break and will return to classes next week.Please pray for us as we continue on with our Bible school and the church at Siem Reap.
Darat (director) has visited eight churches, many villages and some as far as the Thailand border to recruit new students interested in Bible and our Lord Jesus.

SEMINAR/WORKSHOPOn the 13th and 14th of September, we attended the seminar at Battambang Church of Christ. Our Bible institute leaders had been spending time for a whole week in a workshop, on the topic of (How to start a business or career as a Christian), which also took place at Battambang Church of Christ.
NATIONAL HOLIDAY Our institution has been closed for a week and it will resume on the 2nd of October. In the meantime, we allowed all students and teachers to visit families and relatives during this special festival called the Pchum Ben Festival.

Classes continue on through the Old Testament and New Testament in teaching our students about the Bible. We are maturing in Christ and standing firm in the faith.Please pray for our students and leaders Darat, Piseth, Pros and Vannak and their families as we never give up on God or our brothers and sisters.

Darat, Piseth, Pros, VannakIBISR Staff

To see a short video about the work in Cambodia, simply click THIS LINK.

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Prayers answered in Arusha

Grace and Peace to you friends.


Last month I shared with you a building need that the Ibambula church had following the destruction of their building by heavy rains. Thankfully the Huntington congregation has generously stepped in to provide for this need. I share with you a note of thanks from Silvester Bahati, the preacher of the Ibambula congregation:

"We do thanks God together with you all who been touched to this need, and to decide to give out your money to help us to get permanent building of worship, may God bless you a lot.   I believe myself together with all Christians from Ibambula, we will make sure we are standing faithfully the building process of this building  be cause God has answered our long need prayers ."


I want you to know a little bit about the men that you are helping to train for the ministry through your financial and spiritual support for this work.  So, I'm going to start including a "Student Spotlight" feature in the short reports to introduce a student to you. 

We'll start with CHOL DENG.  Chol is a bright 24 year old year old young man from South Sudan in our English-speaking program.  He was raised by a widowed mother in the Episcopal church, but converted in 2015.

In explaining why he wanted to study at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, he said,  "I had a desire to know more about the Bible in order to improve my personal relationship with God and more importantly to be able to defend and answer any one that ask me for the reason of my faith. (1Peter 3:15-16) which I believed was possible in ACSOP.  The Andrew Connally School of Preaching (ACSOP) is a school well-spoken regarding their commitment to teach the sound doctrine of the biblical church hence the reason for choosing to study here."

After graduation, Chol plans to return to South Sudan to work with the congregation that entrusted him with the opportunity to seek this training.

Chol wants us to tell you that his "sincere gratitude goes to the donors for their tireless and unconditional support for the servants of the Lord and the school at large."


At this time of year, many churches are working on their 2020 budgets. We humbly request that you consider Tanzania Missions as a part of your missions budget planning. In recent weeks I've been able to present the work to congregations in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia. Would you like for me to visit your congregation? I have some openings available in November. We do have a couple of stops in Virginia planned in November, so if you're in Virginia or West Virginia, then this would be a great time to get on the schedule!

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Tanzania Missions

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Guest instructor in Zambia

Warm greetings to you all brothers and sisters!! We give honor and glory to God who has given us the opportunity to work in His Kingdom and report about the events during the month of September.

Indeed the month of September has been packed with events as far as the school is concerned. First, we were very privileged to have Brother Donnie Estep come and teach. In his marathon trip of Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Malawi he came to Zambia and He taught the book of 2nd Corinthians. He left Zambia on the 14th September, 2019 to go to Malawi on yet another call of duty mission. The students have continued talking about the lessons gleaned from his course. This is an indication that he really did as always an outstanding job! We are blessed to have men like him and we are looking forward to see more come and teach our students. We applaud the work that he is doing here in Africa for God!

Before the conclusion of this quarter, as the saying goes “let’s roll” the school will again be blessed with yet another short course which will be taught by Brother Kennedy Mukuka later in the quarter. He will be teaching “Marriage and Christian life”. We are looking forward to having him.

The students have continued to impress us as they work in the kingdom to do their duty, Joseph Musonda has continued to perform his expected work in Mansa as he is working together with the brothers in Luapula province at a newly planted church. Clive kabika is doing a great work for the Lord as he is helping the church in central province of Zambia to resolve leadership problems that the Church is facing as at now.

Students as always have been evangelizing in Luanshya district which has resulted in the spiritual births of three souls on 20th September 2019. We really glorify the Lord for this! They have also restored nine (9) souls back to the sheepfold. The institute was also invited to help teach gathered World Bible School students in Kitwe district, brother Cephas Mwamba and Kennedy Mukuka delivered their preaching on salvation and we have continued to study with these students and hopefully it will result into more souls being saved we had a gathering of 41 students from different denominations.

We believe that God’s Word is powerful! And we know that our training in the Bible will undoubtedly yield results. How much results will depend upon God and the receptivity of the people who will hear God’s Word through our students and their lifelong ministry in the Kingdom.

Our hearts are truly thankful to Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for financial support and all the encouragement in this good work here in Zambia. We will likewise pray that God will bless the works that you all are involved in.


Cephas and Fred

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Continued progress in Tirupati

Report for the month of September-2019

Praising God  for this great opportunity to write a  brief report for the month of September, Bear Valley Bible Institute at Tirupati, India has completed first semester and began the second semester in August 26th,Monday, we count the days and concentrate to complete the syllabus prescribed by the BVBI, we have completed book of Judges, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes , song of songs, the book of Acts, life of Christ and Biblical interpretation are going on, one of the church member who is doctor weekly once  he visits , he takes additional class and  teaches on health education (weekly one hour he teaches ).

One of the brother Mr. Rayhart from US has visited on September 19th he was able to teach in the morning session as well as afternoon session. He presented an excellent lecture concerning the evangelist and his goals, all the Bear Valley Bible Institute ‘s students and faculty have been encouraged by his sound teaching and fellowship. He met some of the visually challenged people and encouraged them.

We have conducted a test on memorizing the  scriptures on September 20th , students were  happy to participate, one of the student Mr.John Wesly has memorized 725 scriptures .

Happy to report that Healing Hands International in US has trained and involved in the establishment of Agriculture Vegetable Garden, lord willing with in few days the grading work will be completed .

The students of the Bear valley are able to participate in the weekly programs of Tirupati church of Christ and enjoying the all the church activities , they inspire to go back soon and build the local church at their own place.

As second quarter began all the students are able learn to adjust one another and live together and study to gather, praise God for the power in the word of God which changes inner personality of people and enabled them to live as one in Christ.

We are thankful to Mr.Keith Kasarjian (the director of the international biblical studies ) and Mr. Mark Reynolds (our coordinator) for their love and guidance on time to time for smooth function of this spiritual educational program BVBI. God willing we expect the most humble and effective servants of God may graduate on due time who can go and proclaim the gospel of Christ to the dying souls, already one of the student  got  invitation to work in one of the gulf country called Dubai soon after his graduation , we don’t find words to appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement , , we expect your continual prayers and encouragement, we pray that God may blesses   and rewards  each partner of this project .

Thanking you.

Yours brother in Christ.

B.Vijaya Kumar, Director, Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tirupati, India

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

Outstanding work in Abuja!


Greetings from the faculty and students of the Bear Valley Bible Institute – Abuja (BVBI-A).


The period witnessed less extra activities but more with school works; class works, memory verses, term papers etc, dominating the activities.


Academic activities continue with students participating in classes at the two centers (Kado and Nyanya).

God’s Plan for Salvation.

Old Testament I

Public Speaking-Homiletics.

The New Testament Church

The enrollment was a total of 40.


The students of the Nyanya center were engaged in a house-to-house evangelism on 23rd August 2019 at Mararaba Central, Nasarawa state, and open air campaign on 24th September 2019 at Aku village, Nasarawa state (where a newly established congregation is located). Note, the preachers of the two congregations are students of BVBI-A.


Printing of Exam Paper: The school exam paper was printed for the school use during examination period. This was done through the contribution of the faculty.


The students of the Kado center participated in a 1-day Leadership Seminar organized by the World Bible school Abuja team, with the theme “Pulpit Management”. Topics such asThe Pulpit and who manages it’ and ‘Content development for effective Pulpit management’ were treated to the understanding of the participants by seasoned teachers and preachers; Osita Onuora and Mike Udam.


The school 2nd evangelism campaign comes up in November 2019. The date and location will be communicated in due course. Also, our students will be participating in other evangelism activities within the period, such as ‘The Mobile Evangelism’ and ‘The Gospel Chariot Evangelism’.


Our students are more excited about the opportunity Bear Valley Abuja offers them and the church, because of the exposition of the courses offered so far, and the quality of the teachers handling the courses. They are more committed to the study and activities of the school.

We have received enquiries from more students who are interested in enrolment into the school program.

We appreciate the partnership and support of the Bear Valley School in building capacities of preachers and members towards the growth and development of the church in Africa, especially Nigeria.

Thanks and God bless you.


Director, BVBI-A

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

Restorations in Nigeria

Fellow ministers of God.
Greetings from students and staff of BVBIN  &  SWSE, Ibadan situated at Butubutu village, Ona-Ara Local Government Area of Oyo State.
Here is the report of some of our activities in the Lord the month of September 2019.

1. First Semester classes continue
2. Weekend Evangelism resulted into five conversions.
3. VOTI led to conversions of many souls in Nigeria.
4. Ajagba congregation restored again.

FIRST SEMESTER CLASSES CONTINUE: As God will have it,the first semester classes are in is 5th weeks. I (Bro.Makinde)is teaching :New Testament Church-1,Evangelism-1,Church Problems, and The book of James. Bro. Kayode S.Eniafe is teaching: Scheme of Redemption, OT & NT Survey and OT History-1. Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is teaching: 1,2&3 John, & Life of Christ-1( Matthew). Bro.Gbenga Ojo is teaching : The Pentateuch and Godhead. Bro.Abiola Joseph Olusoji is teaching: Denominational Doctrines & OT Wisdom-1 while Bro.Silas Guda Mazi is teaching :Prison Epistles.

The Evangelism / Gospel campaign of Saturdays in the month of September at Butubutu and nearby villages, Kupalo & Jago villages, Ikire & Ikoyi in Osun State resulted into conversion of 5 souls and restoration of another 2 erring brethren.

Reports reaching us from some of the recipients of the VOTI publications ,most especially Volume 100 & 101 shows the conversions of over 100 souls and edification of thousands as the result of this free distribution among the churches in Nigeria.

The Lord's Church in Ode-Ajagba town,Ondo State now restored for the second time within 15 years. The Church was restored in year 2005 by we ministers of God in Western States of Nigeria under the leadership of Bro.Paul Akinwale but went to apostasy after the relocation of their third preacher to Asejire-Ondo State. Now,with the help of some Ondo state indegenes and the BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN ,we have now restored the Lord's church in Ode-Ajagba town. One of our graduates, Bro.Samuel Olorode is now serving there with the little financial support from our Evangelism allocation from early September 2019 .

Bro.Imbia Maxfied Elangwe is from one of the English speaking cities of Cameroon, Weme Nbonge ,SW Region. He is one of our year-1 students. His mission is to become an evangelist in the South Western Region of Cameroon after his two years training.

With the loan of N800,000, we were able to purchase an Evangelism bus(pictures attached) worth N1,500,000 from Owode-Titun congregation, Ogun State to foster our Evangelism / Gospel campaign in both rural and urban areas of the South Western States of Nigeria on September 16,2019.

Now that the Lord has blessed us with a fairly used Bus for evangelism and gospel campaign. The school will be working with Egbeda town congregation, Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State on October 4 & 5 in evangelizing Egbeda town and follow up on some of the erring brethren in and around Egbeda.
Also, in the evening of October 8,we shall be surveying Ajia town,the Head Quarter of Ona-Ara Local Government Area with the hope of planting the Lord's Church in that town in late November 2019 Lord's willing.

We thank you all for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord's Church in Africa most especially in Nigeria. May the Lord keep on blessings all we do for His name in Jesus Christ name Amen.
I remain yours in His Grace as a servant,
MAKINDE Ebenezer Olufemi

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

Student led campaign in Fiji


Nadi Fiji, 10 to 15 of September, 2019

Students and Staff met at the school at 10:00 Tuesday morning to pray together and make final arrangements for a motorcade to Nadi, a 4 hour drive along the Coral Coast. After a leisurely drive, five vehicles arrived at the church building in Nadi around 5:00 PM. The upper floor of the church building is a three bedroom apartment, complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities. The men occupied one bedroom and the living room. The ladies took the two bedrooms in the back for privacy.

We had eight students, five staff, and a member from Raiwaqa in our team. Our purpose was three fold: 1st, to encourage the local congregation, 2nd, to establish new contacts in the community, and 3rd, to restore wayward members. To accomplish these goals:

  • JOINT DEVOTIONALS IN THE EVENINGS: These were conducted by our students with our team and the members of the Nadi church of Christ Tuesday through Thursday. Emosi spoke Tuesday night. On Wednesday and Thursday we divided into two groups. The women had a devotional upstairs led by two of our lady students, Moira and Nancy (1st year students). Those leading the men’s devotionals were Asher and Alphonsus (2nd year students). We had 30 in attendance on Wednesday and 35 on Thursday.

  • DOOR KNOCKING CAMPAIGN IN THE DAYTIME: In the day time we divided into three teams. Two teams were sent out into surrounding communities to pass out tracts and invite the community to a workshop on the family that would be conducted Friday evening and during the day on Saturday. The third team, led by Jone Qoro, the local preacher, visited wayward members to seek to encourage them to come back to the church. We were able to make contact in over 500 homes and pass out over 2,000 tracts.


    • Friday evening, our workshop was kicked off with a lesson by Etika, one of our second year students, entitled "The Home in the the Mind of God". We had 41 in attendance with several visitors from the community. The theme of the workshop was, "Building Stronger Families through Faith."

    • Saturdays’ schedule was: (we had 47 in attendance)

      • 10:00 AM – "The Christian Home" (Colossians 3:18-21) – Kitione (2nd year student)

      • 11:00 AM – Split Session (Ephesians 5:22-31)

      • Men: "The Christian Husband / Father"

        • Samuela (2nd year student)

        • Women: "The Christian Wife / Mother" – Jacinta (1st year student)

      • 2:00 PM – "How to Raise Godly Children" (Psalms 127:3-4; Ephesias 6:1-4) – Jason (instructor)

      • 3:00 PM – "The Household of God" (Ephesians 2:13-22) – Emosi (instructor)

      • Sundays’ schedule was: (we had 45 in attendance)

        • 10:00 AM – Bible Class: "Man's Problem With Sin" (Isaiah 59:1-2; 1 John 3:4-8) – Rocco (instructor)

        • 11:00 AM – God's Answer: "How To Contact the Blood of Christ" (John 3:16-21; Romans 6:3-11) – Jason (instructor)

The campaign went very well. The church in Nadi has been struggling. The last time I visited this congregation before the campaign, there were only 9 in attendance. To see the level of interest in this effort was very encouraging for both the students and the congregation. Members who had not been to church in a while were present at the services. We also had visitors from the community there as well. The workers were able to make several contacts that need to be followed up on. We have plans to assist with follow up on the weekend of 5 and 6 of October.

Please remember the Nadi Church of Christ in your prayers!

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

A productive break in Tamale

Tamale 1.jpg



We are grateful to God for His grace and love bestowed unto us; for He has given us the opportunity to witness yet another successful month. With your support and prayer we shall use this opportunity judiciously to establish and expand the mission He avails through the Church.  As matter of fact we acknowledge the bold decision you have made to support Bear valley Bible Institute in Tamale.


Students are on three weeks’ vacation to visit their families and the churches they left behind to keep the members active in the Church activities. They also use this opportunity to attend to their farm work to enable them get foodstuff that can sustain their wives and children while they are in school. They would be back to school God’s willing on 7th September 2019, to continue their studies.


The following courses were treated accordingly by Brothers: Thomas Donzie Godhead, Albert Malir Life of Christ 1 and James Legend Homiletics 1, class work and exams conducted respectively.


The Lord’s work in Tamale in flourishing or making progress as we continue to work fervently and selflessly putting things that will cultivate the habit of stimulation and admonishing to exhibit the philanthropic work Bear Valley is rendering to humanity in Africa.

The school and church plots had been tired and corn, yam, beans and peanuts as well as some vegetables are cultivated on school land. Our communication continues corresponding to all the three regions on the Sunday school teachers, preacher’s empowerment and graduation seminars as planned. We are working hard to secure a favorable place for the join campaign for Tamale and Accra schools as the feasibility studies has being done in the area of the campaign.

Your steward in Christ


Posted on October 7, 2019 .

Upcoming guests in New Zealand

We look forward to our time with Bill and Pam Stewart from Bear Valley Bible Institute. If the Lord wills, they will arrive on 12 October. They will be teaching a Marriage Enrichment Seminar in Wellington, Bill will be teaching a short course on Revelation in BVBINZ, and Pam will be teaching an Evangelistic Women Seminar in Porirua. All that in seven days!

I just finished putting together my notes and syllabus for my course next month—Life of Christ 2: Sermon on the Mount, Judgment, and Parables.

If the Lord wills, we will be graduating our second class on 1 December. This class consists of one student: Joziah Townsend. We will also be honouring our two new full-time students during the ceremony: Michelle Stretch and Monique Knopert. We hope to graduate them before the end of 2020.

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

Graduation in Malawi


 GRADUATION REPORT – September 2029

 The 2nd graduation exercise of Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi was held on the 21st of September, 2019. As we announced last time we have done this exercise while we still have one week to go. We did this to honour our country Director brother Donnie Estep who was with us teaching short-course in Prison epistles. Brother Donnie Estep was our guest of honour and he encouraged the students with the words from 2 Timothy 2:2 and 2 Timothy 4:1-4. This week the students are finishing up their class in Pastoral Epistles then will be freed to go home, after successfully completing their 2 years of study at Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi.

Graduation Ceremony

We thank God the Almighty for graciously helping us successfully complete the academic year of 2018-2019. We have trained these men at a period of 2 years and in not less than 1,600hours of teaching them in classes. The ceremony was graced by the presence of three teachers from Mzuzu Bible school, the director from Mzimba school of preaching, the director from Relief and Development Project who offered us their build to use as our office and class room (we rented), the evangelist from the two congregations around Ekwendeni and some from Mzuzu Katoto congregation. The students and we all were also encouraged by the letter which the Director of Mzuzu Bible College Brother Marc Veary and Sister Christine Veary wrote as farewell remarks to the graduating students. Brother Marc and Sister Christine would have attended the ceremony; however some circumstances which happened prior to the day of graduation hindered them. We also had some of our former graduates who witnessed their fellows taking their turn. It was such a colourful event to be remembered by the students.

Please pray for these graduates that they may be obedient to the call of God on their lives and that the Lord God may provide for their families in their daily needs. Also, pray for Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi as we continue training Christian men to be faithful ministers in Malawi, possibly even beyond Malawi in the near future – the Lord willing!


Brother Clergynton is in class finalizing his class on Pastoral Epistles before the students goes home after successfully completed their 2 years of study. We have really enjoyed teaching these men for a period of two years. We also would like to thank all those who have helped us teach these men in short-courses classes. God bless you all!

2020-2021 Intake

We are in the process of receiving applications from all over Malawi for our next class of 2020-2021 sessions. We are aiming at accepting 20 students this time. The interviews will be conducted in the third week of October. So far we have more than 42 applications submitted already. The zeal of people to study with Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi is very high. Let us join hands to train men to be faithful preachers as we have the opportunity.

Once again, the Lord has been so gracious to us and we pray that He will bless the Bear Valley Bible Institute – International for their great support to the Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi both physically and spiritually for better operations of the school. Eternity Is Forever, Think Souls!

Yours fellow workers in the Lord,

Ephron and Clergynton

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

Preachers seminar in Takoradi


Dear Brethren,

Our operations continued after the month of July with preparations for the seminar being intensified. Classroom work, however, was not disrupted. Both the regular and part-time classes were held throughout the month.


Studies with prospects around the school continued. Again, one soul was baptized.


We thank God we had another successful seminar for preachers and church leaders. Our instructors from the U.S. had joined two local instructors. The seminar began on the 19th of August and ended on the 22nd of August, 2019. In attendance were two hundred and fifty-six (256) preachers and church leaders, coming from all regions of Ghana. Robert Dahn, a past student from Liberia who had returned to oversee the school in his home country was in attendance. The preaching school in Accra, SIBS were also in attendance. Attached are some photographs taken for your attention.


The date for the school’s next campaign for Christ will be between November 11 and 17 (seven days program). And as part of the school’s program, we are going to plant a new congregation of the Lord’s church. The details of how this work is going to be carried out will follow soon.

Again we thank you all our sponsors and pray the good Lord replenish you with all you panted which enabled us have another successful period of operation.

May He bless us all.

Joshua Aidoo

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

More conversions in Guinea

Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Activity Operations Report for Aug 2019

Greetings to all of you outside there who are interested in the work we do here at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute. Another month has ended and we are glad to give you an update of the activities that transpired during that rainy month of August. Besides the normal classroom work which was good, we had to engage renovation of the students’ dinning and the installation of electricity. We also converted 6 persons to Christ during our preaching work. Below are some of the details of these things.

Classroom: Although all 17 students are still on roll, only 16 of them fully participated and completed the courses scheduled for the month under review. The one student with a reference in 1 major course is a government employee, a public school teacher who had asked permission for this biblical training, but was compelled to report back for a period of more than a week needed for correction of public exam papers. The other 16 students who participated were commended for good work.

Evangelism: We did not really get the time to go out on evangelism as before because of the rains. We however had brief moments on a few Sunday afternoons to speak to those who were already visiting with us and some around our meeting areas. In this way we converted 3 persons in Gueckedou town and 1 in each of 3 villages where our students are assigned for the Lord’s Day activitiesThe woman converted in the village of Bandali-leh is the wife of the chief.  In all, 6 persons were baptized in Christ!

Students’ Dinning Renovation: Not only was the roof damaged by the rains, but termites also destroyed most of the wooden structure prepared especially for students’ dinning. The hall has been extended and renovated. We also purchased one some type of desk-bench and a small table for a full accommodation and convenience of all students.

Electricity Installation: The cost was high, but publicity electricity is preferred to that of frequent gasoline purchase and generator maintenance. Though it is only 5 hours a day, but light is available at the time when it is most needed for photo copies and studies – 19hrs – 24hrs / 0 hrs.  Hopefully, our application for the facility or its activities to be considered for “government charge” as it is for all religious centers – churches and mosques will be granted. That means, if the request is granted no light bills will be required of the school.

Conclusion: We wish to thank and appreciate you all. Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute is moving forward because of your spiritual and material support. Please keep us in your prayers so that these laborer achieve their training to serve the Master.

Until then, be blessed.

Posted on October 7, 2019 .

A new school in Dar es Salaam

Church of Christ Dar es Salaaam with Bear Valley Bible Institute to the moment four courses has been taught since school started. And students enjoyed enough on bible knowledge they got through their experienced Teacher  in Bear Valley Bible institute Iddy Nyabusani,Zuberi Mwakyami and Essau Ruheta.

Through practical work in evangelism undertaken in every 5th week of their studies,3 three were put in Christ through baptism since 4 may 2019 in when the school started. It is small number compared with efforts made,but the number made comforts and belief in big dream in work of God in Dar es Salaam through Bear Valley Institute. We expect great in Evangelism at Dar es Salaam and by this big partnership from Bear Valley,the trust provide possibility.

As we said above, 4 courses are yet taught, these are 1. Old testament I, 2. How we got Bible. 3. Christian evidences, 4. Personal evangelism. The courses makes students confident in their congregations services. Some changes are yet witnessed the good work of Bear Valley in Dar es Salaam compared to prior experience. " After minimum of 2 yrs to come, the church will advance to an unbelievable start, we will call it revolution " said Innocent Mosha the Elder from Mbagala and students of BVBID with his wife Hilda.

Dar es Salaam Thanksgiving to Bear Valley Bible institute for their decision to start the work of God here,that makes them strong in  ministry wise. Some preparation his been made( 3 BVBID servants meetings), the meeting arranged to conquer southern part of Tanzania (Coast region, Dar es Salaam,Lindi and Mtwara regions) from 2021 where Islamic dominated the area mostly. This is our dream that prove to happen through Bear Valley. Students accepted the the thought, believing that it would advance not only their Christianity servanthood,but widening their practice platform got from Bear Valley school.

In the God service

Ombeni Mwambata

Posted on September 12, 2019 .

Full swing in Fiji

Greetings from Bible Institute at Fiji!

Bula from Fiji! I hope that this newsletter finds you all doing well. The last three months have been a time of tremendous joy and excitement with the work of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa. But they have also brought a personal challenge to our family, since we have had to say “goodbye” to our oldest son, Austin. Austin graduated from High School in June of this year and has now enrolled as a freshman at Freed-Hardeman University. While it is hard to see him leave and be so far away, we are so excited for him to begin this new chapter in his life. We are also grateful to so many of you for your prayers, support, and encouragement during this time of transition for Austin and our family.

2nd Term

The second term of the year has now come and gone, and the third (and final) term is just getting underway. The second term was one of our best terms yet. During the second term, we had nine students take part in our classes. One other student had to step away from the program for the term due to family reasons, but she has returned for the third term – bringing our total number of students to ten. Once again, we find that we have an outstanding group of students in our program.

During the second term, I was able to teach Death of Christ and Old Testament History I.  In Death of Christ, we focus upon the last week of Jesus’ life. We also look at the crucifixion and its impact on Christianity. In Old Testament History I, we focus on the period of the conquest, judges, and the reign of King Saul. We study the books of Joshua through 1 Samuel. We many of our students are very familiar with New Testament doctrines and some of the better-known stories of the Old Testament, much of the material we cover in this class was new to them. One of the things that they had to do was study an assigned character from the course material and prepare a narrative lesson with suitable application from it. I was amazed at how well the students did with the project.

They are all growing in their ability to put together organized lessons to teach. In addition to these two courses, Dad and I co-taught the course Old Testament Poetry II. During the course, I covered the material on Proverbs and Song of Solomon, and Dad covered the material on Ecclesiastes. In addition to helping with this course, Dad also taught Romans and Hermeneutics. Emosi Sailo taught the course on 1-2 Peter and Jude. We are very pleased with how well Emosi is doing teaching in the program. He is truly rising to the challenge of teaching in the program, and we look forward to seeing him continue to do great things in the future.

The third term in now underway. Even as I write this newsletter, I am about to give the final exam for the course on Old Testament History II. In this course, we have focused on the books of 2 Samuel through 2 Chronicles, detailing the reigns of David, Solomon, and the kings of the Divided Kingdom. We have also briefly introduced the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Emosi has been teaching Denominational Doctrines.  Up next, I will be teaching Hebrews and Biblical Foundation of Ethics. Dad will be teaching Scheme of Redemption and Prison Epistles.

Short Courses

In July, we were blessed to have our second round of short courses for the year. This term, we had Paul Merideth and Joshua Pierce. Paul and I have been good friends for a number of years. This was actually Paul’s second time teaching in the program. This time, he taught a course on Church History. This material was almost entirely new for our students. While most of them have a good understanding of the history of the church in the first century, few of them have studied anything after that period of time. Paul did an outstanding job of presenting the material in a clear way. In addition to our full-time students, Devan and Caleb (my third son) took the class. Not only did Paul teach in the program, but he was given the opportunity to preach and teach the auditorium class for the Raiwaqa congregation while he was here.

Josh is my brother (we are less than a year apart in age). It was his first time coming to Fiji. Josh has a great deal of experience working as a full-time youth minister. He has worked with congregations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Josh taught a course on Youth and Family Ministry. One of the things that congregations in Fiji are starting to recognize is that they have not successfully been reaching their young people – with the result being that many of them are falling away from the church when they leave home. Our students expressed a great interest in this course, and they wore Josh out with questions nearly every day for two weeks! Josh did an excellent job teaching the material. Josh also spent time teaching the youth class at the Raiwaqa congregation. I was impressed with how well he engaged the youth and held their attention. One of the side effects of having a family of ministers is that we rarely get to hear one another preach or teach. It was truly a blessing to be able to see Josh in action!

Upcoming Nadi Campaign

One of the major goals of this program is to train our students to be more evangelistic. With that goal in mind, we seek to give our students the opportunity to participate in evangelistic efforts as often as possible. Next week (September 10-15), we will be taking our students to Nadi (pronounced NAN-dee). The church has been in Nadi for several years, but in the last couple of years the congregation has really struggled.

We are going to Nadi with two goals in mind. First, we want to strengthen and encourage the brethren in Nadi. Second, we want to reach out to the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. While there, our students will spend three days out in the community visiting erring members and knocking doors. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, we will be having devotional services for our campaigners and the members of the Nadi church of Christ to strengthen and encourage them. On Friday night and all day on Saturday, we will be hosting a seminar for the community on the Biblical Home. All of the lessons will be presented by our students. Our male students will be teaching general classes and men’s classes, and our female students will be teaching ladies’ classes. On Sunday, Dad and I have been asked to present the lessons at the Nadi congregation. Please pray for the church in Nadi and our upcoming campaign.


Jason Pierce

Posted on September 12, 2019 .

Student success in Zimbabwe


Our students spent the month of August in the field doing their practical. By the 31st of August they were now on their 11th week being in the field. We thank God for guiding them through this period. This practical was one of the major activity of the school in the month of August. This report, therefore, is mainly on the activities from the field.


Students continued their practical in the month of August. The program comes to an end on the 8th of September. Progress in the application of principles taught is satisfactory. Teachers continued with their visits some of which were surprise ones. The new congregation that has been established at Redcliff continued to flourish in the month of August.  In summary the students put in a total of 602 hours in evangelism, 32 were baptized and 27 were restored. The following is a summary of what transpired during the month.

Item                             Total         

Hours out                           602

Devotions                           224

Sermons preached          74

Bible Classes                     70

Total Lessons taught       448

Counselling sessions       12

Prospects                           392

Tracts distributed               475

WBS booklets distributed 163

Restorations                        27

Baptisms                                32

Those marked * are pending


Classes are set to resume on the 23rd of September for yet another term. The following is a list of  subjects that are going to be taught together with their teachers;

Major Prophets              I.Mutichu

James (SC)                       H.Karikoga

Romans (SC)                    M.Muchingami

Hermeneutics 2               E.Nyamadzawo/M.Muchingami

Biblical Counselling         I.Mutichu

HIV Care & Counselling (Seminars) I.Mutichu

Hebrews (SC)                   H.Suwari

Congregational Development/Church Growth           M.Muchingami

1, 2 Timothy, and Titus           I.Mutichu         

There shall also be seminars geared towards entrepreneurship skills development.


Construction of BVBIZ’s first hostel started on the 25th of August. Once it is completed, the school will shift to this permanent site. Our appreciation goes to BVBII for providing the initial funds for the foundation.  The following materials were acquired 8000 concrete bricks, pit sand (30 cubic), concrete stones (15 cubic), river sand (15 cubic). Thirteen thousand farm bricks were also bought. Half of these shall be for the construction of a pit latrine, while the other half will be for the student house. More resources will be needed to take this house to completion.


We thank God for the development we keep witnessing in our students. We appreciate the sacrifices congregations have been making for the upkeep of our students. To you all for you spiritual, moral, material and financial support we remain grateful. To God be the glory!

Posted on September 10, 2019 .