Prepare for ministry with our

Two Year Preaching Program

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Our basic two-year program offers the student a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree (BBS). A total of 128 semester hours are earned in Bible and related Ministry courses in this program. Of these 128 semester hours, 57 are in Bible books alone. That means that each student will spend 912 classroom hours studying the Bible text during the two years program. This extensive course of study gives our students an excellent foundational knowledge of God's Word and is the cornerstone for sound Bible preaching and is one of the strongest reasons why you should choose us for your preparation in preaching. This program is specially designed for those who are preparing to be full-time preachers, missionaries, and other full-time ministry workers. Our curriculum is well-rounded and offers classes in Church History, Missions, Evangelism, Greek and others all contribute to this well-rounded ministry education.

It's more than just book learning...

Practical experience is gained through participation in campaigns, visitation, preaching and teaching Bible classes and personal home Bible studies. This real-world training not only helps prepare our students for ministry work, it also helps them learn how to start and maintain these types of programs of work in the field.

The Great Commission is not just talked's experienced!

Mission and evangelism classes help our students better understand how to win the lost. While participating in local campaigns and Bible studies their skills can be sharpened by real situations and study. Each student is required to participate in 4 campaigns during their two-year program. Our students also have the opportunity to do mission work through our Extension Schools all over the globe during the summers.

Bear Valley offers all of this with no tuition!

Our two year Bachelor's program is tuition free. This is possible through the generosity of the Bear Valley congregation and many other congregations and Christians throughout the Brotherhood. Information about required equipment and the costs for our program and suggestions on fundraising can be found here.

We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you have questions about our program, please feel free to contact us. 


Graduates of the two year Preaching Program in Denver who also have 24 hours of approved previous training will be awarded the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree.

The Bachelor of Theology of Degree is a more advanced degree than the Bachelor of Biblical Studies. It reflects that additional college work has been done beyond the requirements for the BBS. These hours do not need to be in a Bible or Ministry related area. They just need to be accredited hours from a College or University. In order to receive credit, a transcript of these college courses needs to be submitted to the Academic Dean.