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The Bear Valley Bible Institute offers two masters degrees for preachers and Christian workers in the Lord's church: the Master of Biblical Studies and Master of Theological Studies degrees.  

The Bear Valley Bible Institute Graduate Studies Program was designed with the local preacher in mind. The student can complete the program without leaving his current ministry. The only requirement is to come to the Denver campus for two “Blitz Weeks” (short courses) of four days each. Currently, there are two Blitz Weeks available (one in the Spring and one in the Fall). The rest of the course work is completed in the current ministry setting.

Program Benefits

There are many benefits to completing a master's degree offered by Bear Valley. Here are just a few: 

• An opportunity to complete a master’s degree program without having to leave your present ministry. 

• Affordable ($75.00/credit hour). 

• Attain a degree which opens a wide range of opportunities in the Lord’s church. 

• Make a positive contribution to your ministry by improving your skills.

• Prepare to move to possible doctorate level studies. 

• Relevant curriculum designed with the local preacher in mind.

Program Format 

As stated above, the Bear Valley Bible Institute Graduate Studies Program is designed with the working minister in mind. Most students cannot afford to quit their good work and come to Denver to study on a full-time basis. In our program, courses are delivered in a variety of formats. This allows for flexibility as you plan your studies around your weekly schedule.

There are several weeks of on-campus courses which offer you an opportunity to come to Denver during your individual program. These courses are offered during what we call "Blitz Weeks." Each Blitz Week offers two 3-hour courses, which will require pre-class preparation and post-session completion of the assignments. All assignments must be completed within ninety (90) days of the completion of the Blitz Week class, unless otherwise instructed by the professor. Classes begin on Tuesday and end on Friday, allowing a student to arrive on Monday and leave on Saturday. This way, a student can come to Denver and earn his master’s degree without missing a Sunday in his local work. The one exception that should be noted here is that the Blitz Week we offer in the Masters in Missions program begins on Monday and concludes on Friday.

In-ministry courses are completed in the local ministry setting. These involve reading assignments, reports, ministry projects, evaluations, papers, and other in-service assignments. A student uses what he does. Each In-Ministry course has a 90-day time limit in which the student must complete all assignments for the class. All assignments must be turned in via email to the instructors. Unless indicated by the instructor, hard copy assignments sent via email will not be accepted.

There is a 7-year time limit for the MBS program. The MTS program has a 10-year limit. Extensions to these time limits may be granted in extreme circumstances when the student submits a written request for extension describing the reasons for the request. The administration will review the request and make a determination as to whether or not to grant the extension. The time limit begins when the student is accepted into the program.

Once a student applies to the program and pays the $20.00 application fee, we process the application. After a student is accepted into the program, he will be informed of his status. Students who do not have a bachelor's degree in Bible, or a Bible-related field, must complete leveling work in order to be eligible for the graduate program. 

Once a student has been accepted into the program and completed his leveling work (if necessary), he is ready to begin the master's curriculum for the individual degree he is seeking. All three degrees require the student to complete the Introduction to Graduate Studies course (Course #500) first in their program of study. In order to enroll in a course, the student must visit the Course Registration page and click on the desired course. Follow the instructions for registration and pay the tuition fee for that course. At that point, the student has ninety (90) days to complete the course.

Program Costs 

As stated earlier, each of our master's programs is very affordable. The tuition is $75.00 per credit hour. There is also a $20.00 application fee, which must be paid before enrollment in any class. A student may pay by credit card. The Bear Valley Bible Institute now accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for payment on your account. 

Please call the office to get more information about this payment option (303-986-5800; 800-766-4641), or email

The application fee of $20.00 is a non-refundable fee. All other funds received for tuition are refundable within certain limitations. When a student pays his tuition for a course, he is sent the syllabus and necessary materials for that class, beginning the 90-day time limit for the course. At any time during the first thirty (30) days of the course, the student may withdraw from the class and receive a full refund for that class. After thirty (30) days the tuition is non-refundable. In order to withdraw from a class, the student must notify the office within the thirty (30) time limit.

Students without a Bachelor's Degree in Bible or Ministry

Leveling Coursework for Master's Program 

Students who already have an approved Bachelor’s degree and at least fifteen (15) hours of undergraduate Bible may enter into our master’s program without any additional coursework. However, if this is not the case, a student must take fifteen (15) hours of leveling work. 

Graduates of other (full-time) schools of preaching are allowed to enroll as well if they take the fifteen (15) hours of leveling work. These fifteen (15) hours are as follows:

  1. Up to twelve (12) hours credit can be earned on the Standardized Bible Content Test that the office will provide the prospective student.

  2. Six (6) hours credit will be given for a student taking and completing all coursework required for the Fundamentals of the Faith course (#4420) at the World Video Bible School (WVBS)*

  3. Three (3) additional courses (3 hours each) of the student's choosing must also be taken at World Video Bible School if necessary.

  4. Credit for life experience will be awarded as leveling work at a rate of three (3) credit hours for each five (5) years of ministry service.

Graduate level credits earned at other brotherhood institutions which match the curriculum of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Graduate Studies Program will be accepted after review.

Once a prospective student has submitted a completed application, along with the $20.00 application fee, to the Bear Valley Bible Institute, and the applicant is accepted into the program, the office will contact the student with further information concerning the leveling work and/or credit earned elsewhere. 

If you should have any further questions, please contact

Donnie Bates, Dean of Graduate Studies for more information.
2707 S. Lamar St.
Denver, CO 80227
(303) 986-5800 Ext. 37

*To contact WVBS:

Chuck Horner
World Video Bible School
130 Lantana Lane
Maxwell, TX 78656-4231

Web site: