We Train Preachers - Together

We could not do the work we do training preachers all around the world without the generosity and kindness of Christians all over the globe. We charge no tuition for our students to come to Bear Valley to be trained. Our teachers also have to raise a majority of their own support to do their work here. And while the Bear Valley congregation contributes a significant percentage of their annual budget to operate the school, that amount is not enough to handle the expense of a global work.

Even a small donation can make a big difference. 

You can help us strengthen the church, here in the States and around the world, by helping us train sound men to preach the Gospel. You can help by providing a regular monthly amount to help us with this work or make a one-time donation.

Consider an ongoing monthly gift

Consider getting behind our work on a regular basis. Your regular monthly donation can help us train men to preach and help us plan and grow. Whatever the amount, your regular giving can make a big difference. Together we can help fill pulpits and provide evangelists all around the world.