West Bay, Grand Cayman Report

LeBlanc Family Report:

The Work in West Bay, Grand Cayman

 Could you believe it is almost a year since we have been working here? Wow, time has sure flown by. Since we have been here, we have made several adjustments.  The congregation continues to grow and flourish. This is certainly our home.

Family update

Our older son Josiah, remains on the honor roll. He has fit in with the kids. He attends the Wesleyan Christian Academy. It is a good religious private school, which does not include their doctrine in the curriculum. However, we are still considering the option of homeschool.

Caleb continues to grow and increase his vocabulary. Cannot believe he is almost two.  We are looking forward to him going to pre-K this fall.

I (Deon) am certainly improving in health. It has been eight months since my surgery and I am doing remarkably well. I still have to take it easy but improvements are being made.

Neriah is doing well besides a bummed knee. We recently got insurance for him and are working on getting insurance for the entire family. He is working hard and is looking forward to his vacation. This will be his first vacation since graduating from Bear Valley. He deserves a break. The congregation loves him and I know he loves them too

First Camping Experience Here

We were invited to join some members as the camped around the Easter holidays here. It was the first camping experience for our family. We camped on the beach for 6 days. The kids had a blast. It was a wonderful experience and we are sure to do it again next year.

Annual Ladies’ Day

We had our fist Ladies’ Day since forever. There were ladies from the other congregations in attendance. The theme was “The Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit”. I spoke, which was my first “big” lesson. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. The attendees enjoyed it. Through feedback the ladies were uplifted and encouraged. The order of events were a little different than the usual Ladies’ Day. The men cooked and served lunch. They out did themselves.

Upcoming Events

Ladies’ High Tea – May 10th

Marriage & Family Series – 18th – 23rd May

Family Fun Day – May 19th

Family Banquet – May 24th

Please continue to keep us and the work in your prayers, especially since we will be doing more fundraising this summer to cover child care for Caleb and insurance for the family.


Posted on May 15, 2014 .