Austin Family Update June 2014

Faith is born! Many of you remember Evan and Crystal - their one year old son, Chase, tragically died back in January. At the time Crystal was pregnant with a little girl. On May 5th, Faith was born into a young couple still grieving for the loss of their baby Chase. There is joy, but many mixed emotions as well. Please continue to pray for their faith as they mourn for Chase and rejoice for Faith.

Two weeks of our month was spent on the road. We were blessed to meet with five congregations that are supporting us in some way. My parents just happen to be close to our “route,” so on day one we took off mid-afternoon and drove 4 hours to be able to spend the night with them. We then headed out early to tour Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I must say they were impressive. God’s wonders are seen even deep under the earth. It was a great experience for the whole family. The kids did a good job hiking through the caves.

The next day we made it to Brownwood, TX to share all the Lord has been doing here in Phoenix. This congregation, and especially Fred and Ester have been invested with the work among Native Americans for nearly a decade. We enjoyed our time in their home and thank them for their love and service.

The next day we went to Dinosaur National Park in Glen Rose, TX. The kids had a great time seeing dinosaur tracks and swimming in the river. It gave another opportunity to reinforce the teaching that God is the Creator of ALL things, including the dinosaurs. From there we went to Hico, TX - another congregation that has been invested in the Native work since 2002. This will be their fourth summer to cook at the “Rez Camp” for everyone. We love and appreciate all they continue to do in blessing us and lifting us up. It was exciting to share with them the new work we are involved with and to worship with them.

Sunday evening we drove up to Decatur, TX and met with the missions committee. I am always impressed with the focus these brethren have on missions. Many of them go to the mission fields they support. This is a newer congregation for us, but they have already proven to be such an encouragement. We truly enjoyed staying with Chad, Cassaundra and their beautiful family - Seeing Clint and Carol was an added bonus!

Frisco was our last stop in north Texas. Frisco is another congregation that has been with us a couple of years. Everyone seemed to be edified by the news of the growth here in Phoenix. May God continue to bless all their efforts in spreading the gospel. The Crayton’s have been preaching and doing a good work and we are always blessed to stay with their family. We enjoy staying up and visiting and spending time talking about the works we are involved with.

The next four days we were in League City, TX with my brother, his family and our parents. This was a nice break at the end of a long trip. Spending time with family is always a tremendous blessing! The cousins had a blast and it was nice for everyone to just visit. The League City church of Christ is a third congregation that has just come on board in the last couple of years in our support. We praise God for the way He provides through His saints. That Sunday, I was impressed with the question that repeatedly came up…”What can we do?” They are personally involved in their mission works and we are thankful to be in fellowship.

The kids finished their “once a week school” – our school district offers their homeschool community a wide range of elective classes. However, our girls are still trying to finish up our school year at home. Lord willing, they will complete their work by the end of July . . . just in time to begin the following school year in the fall. Aaliyah and Alyssa also finished up their volleyball season, with Divine coaching their team. They have a very young team, but still managed to move on to the second round of playoffs. They look forward to playing again in the fall. Though Aaliyah’s birthday was last month, she was able to have her party this month – celebrating with family, brethren and the volleyball team.

We thank all of you that continually pray for us, write us, visit us, give to us and work with us. God is good and we are blessed to be connected with you in His body the church.

Josh & Divine Austin and Family

Posted on June 6, 2014 .