Terry Sanderfur passed away

This is to inform you of the death of a former Bear Valley student: Terry Sandefur.  I think he was a student there in the late 70s.  Terry died suddenly Friday morning while working as a substitute teacher in Forbes Middle School, Georgetown, TX.

You can go to the following address and read his obituary and see a recent picture:


Terry was a faithful Christian, lover of the Lord and the Scriptures.  Though he had not been preaching for several years, he was deeply respected among members of our congregation.

As I reviewed the people on your staff, I don't think there is anyone who was teaching at BV when he was a student.  That would have been folks like Monroe Tharp, Warren Wilcox, Norman Gipson, and I can't recall what year Roy Lanier, Sr. died.  The only one on your staff whom I know [and might remember me] is Dr. Dennis Petrillo - whom I knew as Denny when he was in high school and SYD. At the time I was preaching for the University congregation [1968 to 1976 (that may have been the year Denny graduated from high school)].  Give him my greetings!


Unfortunately our loss of Terry while still a young man was difficult not only for his family, but for the congregation.  Thanks for the training you provided for him; he used it all the time.


Yours in the Lord,

Max Hughes

Posted on September 5, 2012 .