Latest Bear Tracks

Britton and Kersten Allison (2007 Grads) have relocated their family back to the Denver area. They recently welcomed into the world their second son, Matthias Ryan, on May 15th. Congratulations to Britton, Kerstin, and big brother Elijah!

Dale, Paula and Isabella Babinsky (2014 Grads) moved upon graduation to work with the South Stokes church of Christ in King, North Carolina.

Dale, Leann and Alyssa Kastner (2014 Grads) moved this summer to Malawi to continue the wonderful work Ed Crookshank had done for a number of years.

Nathan, Dara, Blade and Dysen House moved to Orlando, FL, where Nathan (2014 Grad) has accepted the pulpit position with the Concord St. church of Christ.

Alex (2012 Grad) and Linz Warnes welcomed their first child, Preston Wayne, on February 27th. Alex is the preacher for the Morton St. church of Christ in Denison, TX. Congratulations!

Wayne and Tami Roberts (1998 Grads) moved to Ripon, California where they will be working with the Ripon church of Christ and continuing their His Shoes, Her Shoes Marriage Seminars.

Jacob Saarloos (2014 Grad) is working with the Ripon church of Christ in Ripon, California.

Rob Sinclair (2014 Grad) will be working for the Cheyenne church of Christ in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Daniel & Miranda Mayfield are preparing to move to the Cayman Islands to do missions work. Daniel is a 2014 graduate.

Mark Anthony (2014 Grad) moved back to Southern California and is waiting to hear word back about an internship program he has applied for.

Elbert Turner (2014 Grad) will be preaching for the Wray church of Christ in Wray, Colorado.


Posted on July 30, 2014 .