The church of our Lord Jesus Christ began in a new city in January with the baptism of Vicente.  The city of Sao Mateus do Sul is a farming community with a population of about forty thousand souls.  The church doubled in size February 9 with the baptism of Edson.  This single man, redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to him from his parents, has two small children living in another city.  Pray for Edson and Vicente as they grow in Christ.  During the week, I have them work on a Bible correspondence course to add to their knowledge of God’s Word and study a daily guide that helps them in their first steps as Christians.
     Each Sunday Ree and I drive from Guarapuava to this community to have worship with another family that drives from Curitiba.  We have about ten to fifteen in attendance each week for three hours of worship and Bible study.  Starting in March, other members of the Curitiba congregation who serve in the mission’s ministry will begin coming every other week to be involved in this new outreach.  When Ree and I go on furlough in June, the Curitiba congregation will send someone every week. 
     Each Sunday the men in the Guarapuava congregation rotate the preaching and leading in the various roles of worship.  The church outgrew the home in which we were meeting.  Today we use a neighborhood association house that seats about forty people.  Attendance has been between twenty to thirty people.  The church has sixteen members, two children and several visitors.  Each Monday evening the church gathers at a member’s home to pray, singing, read the Scriptures and have a fellowship meal.  The men take turns weekly reading a chapter from Romans and share thoughts as we apply this message to our lives.  Each Wednesday evening I teach a marriage enrichment class to three couples from the congregation and two visiting couples.  The class will run for about nine weeks.  Each week, Ree and I visit in the member’s homes to strengthen our relationships and build them up in the faith.  We visit six homes.  We are also beginning visits to non-Christians homes to build friendships for future opportunities to sow the Seed.  Pray for all these efforts to glorify the King, edify the church and save souls.
     The congregation has been out in the community handing out invitations for our upcoming evangelistic outreach next month.  On March 18, I will begin teaching our evangelistic lessons twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at the neighborhood association house.  Pray for me in my preparation, the work of each member in the body and for us to find receptive souls seeking God.
     After our furlough this year, we will begin helping the congregation structure for growth with the Field of Christian Growth classes, small group evangelism, ministries and more.  We need your constant prayers for wisdom and that God will lead every aspect of His ministry here.
     We always enjoy hearing from our kids.  Nathanael and Elise are preparing for their move to Japan in April.  Nathanael is always helping me with his artistic skills for my work.  He has drawn power point cartoons, produced the cover for my book to be published Easter weekend in April and is working on a map design for our newsletter. Natalie and Jacob are preparing for their upcoming wedding June 21.  Jacob graduates from Oklahoma Christian in April.  He is already busy making an income.  Natalie called this week with exciting news that Oklahoma State University (OSU) accepted her into their Master’s program.  Naiane is working at an English school in Curitiba.  She teaches several classes during the week.  On the weekend’s she bakes cakes and cupcakes for birthday parties.  She also continues her dating relationship with a wonderful Christian, named Kyler, who studies at OSU.  Naiane, Ree and I are getting used to the empty nest.  I joked with Naiane, “Since you grew up and did not leave home, mom and I are leaving home.”  And we did, with our move to Guarapuava, leaving Naiane at our house in Curitiba.  It just dawned on us that our three kids will live on three different continents in April.  Pray for our kids to be safe, healthy, wise in their decisions, fulfilled in the work they do and that their lives can influence more people for Jesus as they walk hand in hand following King Jesus.  Ree and I are still working on getting our apartment set up.  When one purchases an apartment in Brazil, one owns an empty shell.  We were blessed to have a bathroom sink, toilet, shower and lights in the ceiling.  We have been installing bookshelves, lights, closet, kitchen cabinets and more.  It is a process!  After a month, we finally have a kitchen sink.  Next month we hope to have a stove and oven installed.  We have been sort of camping here with our microwave and a washtub on the balcony, but it is almost ready.  God has blessed me so much as I have drilled over a hundred holes in the wall for mounting brackets and have not hit one water pipe or electrical wire.
                                                                 Serving Our King,
                                                                 Alan and Ree Nalley

Posted on March 2, 2014 .

Moab, Utah Update


 Mission Moab Report 

February 2014 

Building Bridges... 


It is hard to believe that at the writing of this letter, my second month of my time here in Moab has reached its end. Per the title of this report, the month of February has been spent building bridges. Of course I am not talking about physical bridges. What I mean by this is that I have been building bridges with people. Between working on my weekly lessons I have spent a lot of time in the community meeting and getting to know different people that I have met in order to build bridges with them for opportunities to get some studies set up with them. That being said, my plan for the month of March is to do some following up with these individuals in hopes that I will be able to get some studies set up with the ultimate goal of bringing these people into a relationship with our Lord and Savior. 

In regards to studies, I am currently continuing to study with our newest convert, Alex Kenney whom I told you about in last month’s report. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, we are not able to study together as often as I would like but we have been at each available opportunity. Recently, I also studied with the husband of one of our member’s who is not a Christian. He has been shown the plan of salvation but is at the point of what the Scriptures would call “counting the cost.” This individual’s name is Derek. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he considers this greatest of decisions. Another study I am conducting is with another member of the Lord’s body who returned to the Moab area in January from Oklahoma but for his own reasons did not come to services until February not long after I sent out my last report. I simply ask that you keep this individual in your prayers as I, along with the congregation here, continue to work with him to strengthen him in his faith. His name is Doug and he is a new convert having been baptized by Moab’s previous preacher Martin Johnson in 2012. A third study I am conducting is with a woman who has been attending services for several weeks now. The studies I am having with her are being held at the home of Bill and Tammy Jackson who are strong, knowledgeable and faithful members of the Lord’s body here in Moab. She too has been shown the plan of salvation but is also counting the cost. Please continue to pray for her as well. Speaking of the Jackson’s, Tammy Jackson, has initiated two additional studies to the ones I am conducting with two friends of hers one of which is her coworker at the hotel where she works. 

In addition to these things, over the last couple of weeks leading up to the writing of this report, we have had a number of visitors to our services who have been invited by different members of our congregation. This is encouraging for me because it has allowed me to meet more people and it is also evidence of the fact that the members here have an 

evangelistic spirit having a sincere desire to reach their friends and family with saving gospel message of our Lord and Savior. 

As far as lessons go, we are continuing our study in the book of Ephesians and are currently in the fourth chapter at the writing of this report. My Sunday sermons continue to be focused on encouraging and strengthening the body here which is also being accomplished through our study in Ephesians. On Wednesday nights, we are continuing our study through the parables unique to Luke which have also been going well. 

In closing, I would like to make you aware that I will not be in Moab from Friday March 7th through Saturday March 15th. On the 7th I will be traveling to Durango and Bayfield, Colorado to see friends and supporters including the Bayfield church of Christ in Bayfield, Colorado just outside of Durango where I will be preaching on the morning of March 9th. That afternoon, myself and a few of the members from the Bayfield congregation will be traveling to Monterey, California to attend “Recharge: Excellence in Ministry” which is a week long ministry conference organized by Caleb O’Hara who is the preacher at the Ripon church of Christ. This conference is designed to “Recharge” those of us who are in ministry by way of different lessons given by various speakers including Denny Petrillo, Dan Owen and other well known preachers in the brotherhood. I have chosen to attend this conference because it will only benefit me as a gospel preacher and will give me more tools to use as I carry out the Lord’s work here in Moab. 

With sincerest gratitude, 

In His Service and on behalf of the Moab church of Christ, 

David Malley

Posted on March 2, 2014 .

Prayers Needed for Ukrainian Brethren

Besides the bad political situation in Ukraine, we recently spoke with Dennis Sopelnik - the Director of BVBIU, on the telephone and he informed us that his newly born daughter, Dasha, is having heart trouble.  Here is a note that he wrote about it today.  Please be praying for him and his family at this time.  As well, please pray that the brethren in Ukraine will look to Jesus and not start taking sides about Ukraine or Russia.  While we as Americans see the fact that Russia is flexing its muscles and interferring for its self-interest in needing the warm water port of the Black Sea, there are Christians in the Church there in Ukraine who side with Russia.  We need to help them all to focus on Jesus and His Kingdom and not fuel the fire in any way.  Please be praying for them all.  


Thanks and God bless,


"My daughter had a heart ultrasound in Donetsk. She has problems with heart (interatrial septum and interventricular). The doctor said there is no threat to life. Every 2 months we need to do ultrasound. Please continue to pray for us.

Bear Valley Bible Institute Украина

Сопельник Деннис"

Posted on March 1, 2014 .

Luis Camacho's Ministry Update

"...if you ever wonder what happens to a student after he graduates from Bear Valley it is evident that the Lord has plans for all of us that go through this two year program."

Posted on February 28, 2014 .

Shiprock, NM Update

Hello everyone,

    Rose and I send our greetings and love to y'all (for our TX family) We have been having crazy warm days over the last few weeks. I am very concerned our summer is going to be hot and very dry. We had our first dirt storm last week, nothing like spring on the rez! In the last two weeks Rose's Aunt Bessie passed and one of her grandson's that she raised was involved in a car accident. He is very blessed to be alive and even more blessed to be up walking around already. We buried Aunt Bessie last Monday and spent the day with the family in Chilchinbeto remembering her life and encouraging Uncle John, Bessies husband. 

    The work is going well here in Shiprock. I have a lot going on as far as studies and classes. We started our Angel and Demon study last Wednesday. We had  20 in attendance and the class was full of energy as participation seemed to come from everyone. We are still looking for "our place in the community" as far as a ministry and outreach. I continue to pray that maybe the Boys and Girls Club across the street still may be our chance, construction of it continues.

    Worship yesterday was awesome. I was able to turn to Lord's Table and the Offering over to the men of the congregation. Joseph led our minds in the offering. He is nine years old and was baptised the fall before Rose and I came to Shiprock. To hear his young voice praise our God for the abundance of our country and the life of Jesus brought tears to our eyes. Wayne and Nelson led out minds for the Lord's Supper and Peter of course led our songs. This is the first worship service since we have been here that all I did was preach and it was so reassuring that these men are on the right track! 

    Thanks never seems to say it but I hope you know how we feel about your prayers and support in the Lord's work on the reservation through our hands.I have attached our last two bulletins, I hope you find them as encouraging as we do!

God Bless


In the Lord's Service

Dan P. Keele

Posted on February 25, 2014 .

Owen Olbricht Seminar - March 28th

The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver Invites You To:

A One-Day Evangelism Seminar with Owen Olbricht

March 28, 2014

8:00AM ~ 3:30PM


Bear Valley church of Christ

2707 South Lamar Street

Denver, Colorado 80227


In this seminar Owen will cover:


•    Outreach efforts of the past

•    Goals and motivation for involvement

•    Preparation of outreach personal

•    Surfacing contacts

•    Presenting lessons

•    Follow up efforts

•    If there is an interest, we can include conducting an outreach effort.


Brief Highlights of Owen Olbricht:


•    Taught evangelism at Harding University.

•    Developed lessons to be used in outreach ministry.

•    Lead campaigns in the northeast United States for 50 years.

•    Helped begin congregations in 6 locations in the United States

•    Helped begin congregations in Russia (2), Ukraine (1), Venezuela (3), Colombia (1).

•    Editor Unique For Christ monthly newsletter


Please mark your calendar and plan on attending this no-cost, day-long Evangelism Seminar.


Lunch provided!


*Please RSVP no later than Thursday, March 27th

(303) 986-5800 OR e-mail

Posted on February 20, 2014 .

Brazil Baptism

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

We have a new baby brother in Christ in São Mateus do Sul, Brazil.

Edson was baptized, Sunday February 9. Now there are two brothers in the city.

The first one baptized there two weeks ago, led the Lord's Supper thoughts in worship today.

Pray for the harvest.

All the Glory goes to God.

Serving Jesus with you,

Alan and Ree Nalley

Posted on February 10, 2014 .

Austin Family Update (Phoenix, Arizona)

What a month! It started off sort of sluggish but ended in a flurry. Everyone was trying to get back into a normal routine again. Thankfully, we were able to meet in the same place every Sunday this month - a first for us. We had about 40 souls every Lord’s day, while having 16-20 for Bible studies throughout the week.

What is really fresh on my mind right now is Evan & Crystal. This young couple became Christians back in October. Their one year old son Chase lost his life from Meningococcal Meningitis. This deadly sickness usually claims the life of its victims in 2 days. Chase fought for 5 long days. Through many prayers & much encouragement and a faith that is grounded on God’s promises, Evan & Crystal handled the whole situation in a way that has inspired non-Christians and Christians alike. Their confidence in God’s promises has given them a strength that has touched many lives. I am so proud of the way they have responded to such a tragedy.

Because of Evan’s boldness in his own faith & encouraging friends and family to follow Christ there are at least five people who have told him or I that they want to start going to church. One man said he never went to church, but wanted to start because Evan had something that he did not. This past Sunday there were two people who attended that normally would not have attended.

God was so good even in such a hard situation. I don’t have space to tell you all the things that “just came together” for the burial and funeral. Things that Evan and Crystal have taken note of and have shared with family and loved ones, so that God might be glorified in all that was happening.

We are so thankful for all the brethren that have helped out. As the family put it: “Team Chase” were all those who came together on behalf of helping Chase. Money, food, time, prayers and facilities were all donated to help Evan and Crystal. Your kindness and generosity have been clearly seen by the family. You brought glory to our God and His church. Thank you!

This month brought a first experience for me in working with Chris Macy from the North Valley congregation. They have started a radio program and he asked me to speak a couple of times. It was great that we were able to talk about the new work that we are doing in the Salt River area, especially among the Native American people.

Dean Dallas and I attended the men’s leadership meeting again this month. Dean has really been doing a good job in his personal studies. Patrick preached this month and did a good job once again.

This month we also had another person baptized into Christ. Juan Havier is a Papago man who is almost 70 years old. This is a man who was searching for the truth. Our door knocking campaign with Bear Valley is still bearing fruit. Juan had been studying but just didn’t understand, so when we came knocking he was ready. We are excited about his decision. He is a single man who has lost his wife and only daughter. He has two granddaughters that are in foster care right now.

Please continue to pray for Juan as well as Evan and Crystal and all those they have influence on.

As for the family, the death of Chase hit our girls hard as they liked taking care of Chase during Bible class and worship. They have done very well in understanding that we want to live by faith so we can go and be with Chase again.

As for homeschooling, Divine attended a mid-year home school refresher with a sister in the congregation who recently started homeschooling her daughter. They were able to meet some other women homeschooling in the Valley and hear a great talk reminding us of our reasons for home education. We’re in the process of finding what sports the kids enjoy. They tried basketball for a couple of days, but did not really enjoy it. A couple of them have indicated interest in volleyball, so they’ll be playing on a team this spring. They have been going to roller skating lessons and really enjoying it. They also had several field trips this month, one to the Art Museum and another to a wildlife refuge.

We continue to keep you in our prayers and thank you for the role you have in this ministry. To God be the glory!!!

 Josh & Divine Austin and family


Posted on February 6, 2014 .

Guarapuava, Parana (Brazil) Report




     Twins, Raquel and Fabio Penna, were baptized into Jesus by their dad, January 5.  They are now twins in Christ.  Ree and I met David and Eliana Penna in 1997 at a dinner on the other side of town.  We found out that we were neighbors and exchanged addresses.  For two years, we built a friendship.  They finally accepted an invitation to our small group Bible study in our home.  This led to a Bible study in their home to learn how to follow Jesus.  Eliana was baptized in 1999.  Her husband David was baptized in 2003.  God blessed them with three children.  David and Eliana have co-taught in the children’s Bible classes on Sunday and I trained David to lead a small group Bible study during the week; and how to teach one-on-one Bible studies.  They have already brought two people to follow Jesus.  David became a deacon over the finance ministry in the Curitiba congregation in 2011 and baptized his oldest daughter Leiticia the same year.  What an exciting day for the twins to be baptized and to see an entire family in submission to the Lord Jesus.

     Vicente, 70 years old, was baptized into Jesus, January 12.  He is the first convert from the outreach in Sao Mateus do Sul (a two-hour drive west from Curitiba).  Pedro Sampaio, grew up in Sao Mateus do Sul and moved to Curitiba.  I met him in 1993, had a two-hour conversation with him and baptized him into Jesus the same day.  He has been a faithful Christian ever since and we have worked together to evangelize his family.  It took several years to see three of his four children and a son-in-law become Christians (Patricia, Rodrigo, Adriano and Johny).  One day he invited me to visit and pray for his sick brother, Joao, on his deathbed.  While I visited and prayed, his sister-in-law, Genoveva, showed up to visit also.  I set a Bible study with both of them.  His brother recuperated and was baptized and sister-in-law, along with five other family members and a girlfriend were baptized (Roni, Jucelia, Orlando, Adriana, Stela and Renato).  Genoveva said she wanted to evangelize the world.  She started by having me teach her family in Curitiba and then invited me to Sao Mateus do Sul.  She said, “My brother Vicente is old and sickly and needs to hear the Good News about Jesus.”  Praise God that Vicente submitted to the Lord Jesus.  We are now studying the Bible with several other family members in Sao Mateus do Sul.  Pray for the harvest!

     Vera was baptized into Jesus, January 15.  She recently moved to Curitiba.  Her family are members of the church in another State in Brazil and encouraged her to visit the church in Curitiba.  Our church secretary, Ruy, set a study with her, buried her in the watery tomb and God resurrected her to a new life.



     The Curitiba Evangelistic Team completed our goals in 2011, leaving a strong missionary congregation, with its own building, three elders, three evangelists and six deacons.  For the past two years I have evangelized, edified new converts, lead a small group Bible study and taught in three preacher training schools as Ree and I sought God’s will for our future in Brazil.  God’s will became clear in the middle of 2013 that we should move to the interior of the State.  Ree and I moved to Guarapuava January 18.  It is a city of 200,000 souls and sits in the middle of the State on the main interstate, where all other cities are within a three to five hour drive from us.  It is a three and a half hour drive west of Curitiba.  We purchased an apartment there in September 2013 to put down roots in this community to communicate that we will be here as long as the Lord wants us to be and to build up this congregation until it is a strong missionary congregation, with its own building and biblical leadership.  We began traveling to Guarapuava at the beginning of 2010, making trips every thirty to forty days.  Since then, there have been thirteen baptisms and the church has been meeting in the home of one of the members.  In November 2013, we held a weeklong evangelistic campaign in Guarapuava with one baptism and family of four that now attends each week counting the cost before their baptisms.  Worship services average between twenty and thirty in attendance.  Because of the lack of space, one of the members found a neighborhood association house that we pay the water and light bills on and we can use for Sunday worship and other events as needed.  It seats about forty.

     Each week in Guarapuava, the church has a Monday evening of singing and prayer at a member’s home.  On Wednesday evening, I am teaching a nine-week Marriage Enrichment study to all four couples in the church and a visiting couple.  Each Sunday we have worship in the morning and then a group from the Guarapuava congregation drives with me three and a half hours to the small city of Sao Mateus do Sul for afternoon worship and Bible study.  A group of five also drives two hours each week from Curitiba to help.  In Sao Mateus do Sul we average fifteen in attendance, with five being visitors from the local community.

     We are gearing up in Guarapuava for another evangelistic outreach starting in March.  We will offer a Basic Theology course twice a week.  In this group Bible study, I teach how to follow Jesus, be born again and participate in His Family.  Pray for us.



     Naiane continues to live in Curitiba at our house there.  She moved out of her bedroom in the main house to live in the small house in the backyard.  She cares for the dog, mows the lawn and cleans the grease box under the sidewalk.  She is also looking for work.  Pray for her.  A family of five from the Curitiba congregation that is in transition between homes is living in our main house.  They are considering purchasing our house.  Pray for God’s will to take place.  Ree caught me by surprise and had a birthday party for me with about a hundred in attendance from the Curitiba congregation.  They really rubbed it in that I am now fifty years old.  Ree strapped a diaper on me, put me in a wheelchair with a lap blanket, taped a white beard on me and stuffed false teeth in my mouth.  I personally supplied my baldhead.  A sister in Christ made me a cake that looked like a grave with a tombstone showing that my youth was buried on January 14, 2014.  We are camping in our apartment in Guarapuava as we set it up.  Our kitchen cabinets will be installed mid-February, but we do have running water and a microwave.  During our move from Curitiba, the truck was a bit small, so I had to fill two cars to the brim to get almost all of our things to Guarapuava.  Ree drove one of the cars and followed me on Saturday morning to Guarapuava.  Saturday afternoon a brother from Curitiba who helped us move drove back to Curitiba with me to get the last load.  Sunday morning at 5:00 am I drove back to Guarapuava for worship, then drove to São Mateus do Sul for afternoon worship and Bible study, then I drove back to Curitiba in the evening to leave one of the cars there for now.  On Monday, I drove back to Guarapuava.  It was a little over twenty hours on the road from Saturday to Monday.  Each week I try a new stretch of road to Sao Mateus do Sul, looking for the shortest and safest way there.  I have traveled several times on dirt roads for over twenty mile stretches at a time.  Pray for me.  We are so thankful to our wonderful supporters in Moore, Oklahoma, Green River and Lander, Wyoming and Olathe, Kansas, along with wonderful individuals in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado and California.  God bless you all!

                                               Serving our Lord Jesus,

Alan, Ree and Naiane Nalley

Posted on February 1, 2014 .

Mission Moab

Settling In...


It is difficult to believe that the first month of my work here in Moab has already come to a close.  Per the heading of this report this first month here in Moab has been spent getting settled in to the community of Moab as well as into the work here.  From my first Sunday here on January 5th, the congregation received me with arms wide open and immediately integrated me into their lives by including me in different gatherings of the congregation outside of worship services.  The congregation here is also ready to work and eager to do all they can to help the Lord’s church here in Moab to win more souls to the Lord.  They have been extremely encouraging and supportive of my work here and we have established a solid relationship with one another as we work together to further the Lord’s Kingdom. 

As far as the work is concerned, on Sundays we have begun studying through the book of Ephesians in our Bible class and at the writing of this report are nearing the end of the second chapter.  I have chosen to pursue studying Ephesians in an effort to not only encourage but also to strengthen the Lord’s body here since there is a great focus on the church being a body with every part being important within that book.  My sermons for these first few months are focused on encouraging the congregation in the work here as well as building them up to be an even stronger body of believers.  In our Wednesday evening Bible class we are studying the parables unique to the book of Luke.  Furthermore, upon my arrival here I discovered that every second Wednesday of the month we have a congregational prayer night in lieu of Bible class.  I saw this as a huge plus because it will aid us in building our collective relationship with our Lord through prayer.  In addition to these things I am pleased that there are two men in the congregation here, Bill Jackson and Kyle Twitchell, who are capable preachers, teachers, and song leaders who carried most of the tasks involved in worship in the absence of a regular preacher prior to my arrival.  They are a great asset to the Lord’s kingdom here in Moab.  This is also a blessing for me because they will be able to fill the pulpit here should I ever be absent for whatever reason.  On this note, I regret to announce that contrary to what was originally planned, my friend and fellow preacher Kenneth Garcia will not be able to join me in the work here due to obstacles faced in raising support.  However, this will not be a problem because I am confident the Lord will give me the ability and wisdom to do what needs to be done here on my own as He has done thus far.

These things being said bring me to what has been happening as far as the mission in the community of Moab is concerned.  First and foremost, the congregation here is very excited because the second week of my time here we had our first baptism of 2014.  We baptized an individual named Alex Kenney. 

I met Alex back in November when I visited here to fill in and asked him then if he was interested in studying the Bible further based on the apparent interest he had in the Bible as a whole. He agreed and the second Sunday I was here we studied the plan of salvation over lunch and he was baptized into Christ that afternoon at the Moab Valley Inn’s swimming pool since our baptistery is under repair at the moment.  On behalf of myself and the congregation, I ask that you keep Alex in your prayers because being that he is an infant in Christ, he is still extremely vulnerable to our enemy’s attacks.  That being true, Alex and I are continuing to have regular Bible studies so that he may be strengthened in his walk with the Lord. 

In addition to the regular studies Alex and I are having, there are three other studies I have initiated with others who have visited here since my arrival.  On top of these studies though, I have compiled a list of people who are in our directory who no longer attend and am making attempts to establish contact with these people with the assistance of the current members of the congregation.  Furthermore, there are individuals within the community and within member’s families that I have been introduced to in order to possibly reach them with the gospel as time goes on.

Other attempts I have made at reaching into the community have included visiting local restaurants during my lunch hour and signing up at the local gym for my own health but also as an added way to meet others in the community and build relationships with them.   In addition to these things, I am also exploring an opportunity to get involved with the local multicultural center in order to reach into the Hispanic community here in Moab since I speak fluent Spanish.  Also I am exploring an opportunity for a jail ministry which consists of once a week Bible studies with the inmates.

In His Service and on behalf of the Moab church of Christ,

David Malley  

Posted on January 30, 2014 .

Shiprock, New Mexico Update

Hello everyone,

    I pray all is well with you and your loved ones! I have included last weeks bulletin along with this weeks. We traveled to our monthly reservation wide Bible study in Ft. Defiance on the 17th and 18th of this month. Terry Lawrence, the minister there,with his wife Pam have had 5 women obey the gospel this month. Keep all of our new sisters in prayer and to God be the glory for people still wanting to study the Bible.

    Fred and Ester Lemmons and Billie Gills (Austin Ave church of Christ) have been helping on the reservation for years but have been staying in Hogback since the 2nd of this month. Billie is teaching our ladies every monday night and Fred has been helping Phil with teaching and preaching at the Hogback congregation. Fred filled in for me when I was sick and we were are all blessed that they are here. These three great servants plan on staying until March or so and if they plan it just right, our spring winds will carry them all the back to Texas free of charge....hahah

    The congregation here in Shiprock continues to do well. We are starting a new Wednesday night study in two weeks. We will be studying "Angels and Demon's" I have gotten some great material from Tim Eby in Hico, TX on the subject on angels and really look forward to teaching the topic. Our men's classes continue to be an encouragement to me, the guys really get involved with the study and always have great input for discussion. We will be starting a new study in a month or so concerning "Building Biblical Leaders" 

    The last Wednesday of every month is our singing devotional service. Tonight we added scripture devotionals to the songs. Nelson Morris and Peter Gillis both lead our minds in great lessons concerning parenting and loving as God loves us. I look forward to the day when they can help teach Bible classes and preach lessons!!!

    Rose and I want to thank you all again for the support you give us and the prayers that keep us!!! We love our work, it is never easy but the pay off is PRICELESS! We need preachers and teachers on the reservation. If you know of any one who wants to do the work the starting place is Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. The truth needs to be heard and we are the ones in charge of it. Until next week God Bless and thank you so much for everything!!

In the Lord's Service

Dan P. Keele

Posted on January 30, 2014 .

Russian Ministry in Denver, Colorado

Official Beginning

The new Russian outreach in Denver officially began in January 2014 and the Lord has opened many doors already. Using the three-month window (Oct.-Dec.) in order to build a foundation, God has helped us to establish contacts in multiple places and His Providential Hand has been seen everywhere. As stated previously, the first and most important place is right where we live, since many Russian-speaking people live in the apartment complex where we are located. This has been such a blessing in so many ways and it is certainly by no accident that this occurred. Not only have we been able to make contact with many folks, but are now hosting a Bible study in our apartment on Thursday evenings.

Our goal in the beginning was to show that the Bible is inspired and that we need to trust God’s Word only. Interestingly enough, almost all who have come already believe this and so we are moving on to establish God’s plan of salvation. Using some inspiring examples of how great men of faith in the Old and New Testaments lived (i.e. - Noah, Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah, Paul), we hope to show how complete obedience is the only way we can pleasing to the Lord. Of course, from week to week, there is some fluctuation of who is in attendance and so we constantly pray for hearts of all of these. 

Our first Bible study on January 2, 2014

Another major opportunity that God has given to us in reaching out is teaching at the Russian-English center (REC) in Glendale. This group services the Russian community and many people who immigrate to the U.S. who do not know English, come to these classes for free lessons and to have fellowship with others. The center was in desperate need of teachers and so I inquired about helping out. They asked me to teach two classes, one on Tuesday morning and another on Tuesday evening. Being able to communicate in Russian has opened many doors already after just two full days of teaching. This past Tuesday evening, one man, Vladimir, wanted to talk for a long time. I finally had to say goodbye at 9:15pm and told him I would call him. As we have more time to spend with each of them, we pray that we will be able to invite different individuals to personal and/or group Bible studies and also to a worship service that we are hoping to begin soon.

Regarding the worship service, we ask that you pray about this, that we will have wisdom about when and where to have this. While it was our intention when we first began to have the worship service in English, it is looking more and more like a Russian format may have more appeal to many of the people. Perhaps it can simply be translated and so we just need to know which manner would be the best to approach it all. The Difference Between A, An, and The Like in some other languages, in Russian there is no use of the articles a, an and the. When they speak, Russian speakers think about these but simple do not say them. During the English classes at REC, we have already discussed these words because much of the way we phrase English sentences is with articles. We have spoken about what the difference is with “a” or “an” meaning non-specific and “the” having specific meaning. A simple example we might give is, “This is a dog” compared to “This is the dog.”

In all reality, this is what the ultimate goal is in teaching the difference about God’s Church to the Russian-speaking people. It may a bit of a surprise to Americans, but many of these folks are religious, some even knowing the Bible pretty well. They may be wondering why there is a need for another church. Our intent is to help people not to be part of a religious group, or to be associated with an organization that is following the Word of God in part, but to read the Scriptures and be completely convinced that we must be the Church that we read about in the Bible. We must teach and preach how one becomes a Christian accurately, then how one is able to remain faithful, and finally how we must worship the Lord the way He intended. It is very important people understand that we do not get to decide how we want to worship Him, rather, to respect and obey the ways God wants to be worshiped. No more and no less. While we can never be perfect, God’s Word is and if we simply read it and obey it, all people on this planet can be a part of His church, the Church that Jesus died for and established (Eph. 1:22-23; 5:23). Just as Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos aside and taught him the way of the Lord more accurately (Acts 18:24-26), so we too want to do the same, so that as many might be saved and have eternal life.

Our Family Contacts with Russian speakers have been given to us everywhere, even among our family. Two families in the apartment complex where we live have children who are spending more time with Timothy and Andrew. In addition, Timothy is playing on a basketball team at the YMCA and one of the boys is Russian (we are just getting to know his parents) and Andrew was blessed to enroll in gymnastics and it is completely run by Russian speakers. The instructors all teach classes in Russian and everything is structured like it would be in Ukraine or Russia. Marina is still attending classes at REC and is doing a great job of handing out business cards when she goes to places like book or clothing stores where they speak Russian. God has been so good!

Attached is a recent trip we made to the Colorado Train Museum in Golden. It was a fun day. We are truly grateful to God for the ways He is working and pray that we will have the strength and wisdom to reach out to as many as possible. Please continue to pray about this work of the Lord. We are forever thankful for these because it is the unseen power that truly helps in many, many ways.

May God bless His work and efforts!

Love in Christ,

Terry Harmon

Posted on January 24, 2014 .

Samford Family (Anchor Point, Alaska)

What a Year

    We have officially made it a year in Alaska. This past year has been great and we are looking forward to many more to come. There have been many events this past year and we have many plans for 2014. The kids of course are continuing to grow like weeds and are now 2,4,6 and 8. 

 Tanzania 2013

    From the 12th of November through the 5th of December, Matt Haakenson and I traveled to Iringa, Tanzania (our previous home & work) to visit the brethren and help with the work.  It was truly a blessing to get to spend time with so many that are dear to our hearts and to once again work alongside these wonderful brethren.  I was very humbled to find that the Christians were doing great and the church was continuing to grow through the efforts of the local Christians.  We were able to worship with the Mtwivila congregation of the Lord’s church for the first time.  This congregation started as the Ipogolo congregation recognized the need to meet in Mtwivila as some of the Christians lived in the area.  

    We were also blessed with being witnesses of 2 ladies giving their lives over to Christ having their sins washed away being immersed.  As a missionary, there is no greater blessing than seeing God’s family continue to grow in their absence.  Paul said it this way,  For though I am absent in the flesh, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ.” (Colossians 2:5) 

    The Christians in Iringa send their greetings and appreciation for your prayers on their behalf.  I want to say a special thank you to all who have helped us through our years in serving God in Tanzania and now as we serve in Alaska.  Also, for all those who helped in making this trip possible, thank you, thank you, thank you!  It is hard to put into words how encouraged I am in seeing our brethren in Iringa continue in the faith, I hope that you are encouraged as well.



Alaska Preacher’s Conference 2013


    Our family had the privilege to attend the annual Alaska Preacher’s Conference in October.  It was wonderful to get to meet many of the evangelist from throughout Alaska and learn about the work that is going on in this vast state.  It was humbling and very edifying to sit at the feet of some very experienced shepherds and gospel preachers.  I hope to one day have the experience and hopefully the wisdom of men like these, I was very encouraged to become a better student of God’s word.



Radio Program


    We are working toward a small radio program to get the word out about the Lord’s church in our area.  We hope to begin this sometime in the first quarter of 2014.  I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to learn about radio work and its uses for the gospel.  My respect for those who are involved in putting together radio/TV programs has grown already and I expect as we continue with this effort it will continue to grow.  If you have any suggestions for material, topics, or any other information that could help us in this effort, please email me at


Health and Prayer Request 

    We have never regretted the move from Africa to Alaska. Bonnie has been able to be more physically active and get better healthcare than she would have in Africa. Unfortunately, her disease has been progressing and she now has a Lupus diagnosis. Recently she has been through a number of medical test. She has had a chest X-ray, EKG, and an Ultrasound. She has been having new chest pains that were ruled out as "nothing serious" at this time. There was a suspicion of breast cancer that has been determined as benign. She now has also developed a lump in a lymph node in her neck that is occasionally causing problems. The doctor wants to monitor it for a little longer before a biopsy is done. Her new doctor has put her on about 10 different supplements trying to get the inflammation in her body under control. She is having a hard time with "not being normal", so please keep her in your prayers. Kylie is still expected to have her umbilical hernia repair surgery later this year, so keep her in your prayers as well. 

We appreciate your continued love and support.
Wishing you all the best in this New Year !

The Samford Family
Carey, Bonnie & the Kids

Posted on January 19, 2014 .

Shiprock, New Mexico Update

Hi everyone,

    Please see attached our bulletin from this week. I was very sick the 1st part of the month and just started feeling better today. I somehow ended up with a bacterial infection that had me running high temp's of 100 for about 5 days and extreme pain in and behind my eyes. Rose took me to the clinic in Monument Valley and I got some antibiotics, they killed the infection but made me sick to my stomach. I missed preaching and worship on the 5th because of it, the first worship I have missed in five years and I really,really missed it!

    The congregation is doing well, we had our first meeting for church camp this year. The congregation is working together to plan the classes and events because June will be here before we know it. We also have our VBS in planning which will be July 19-24th. Mt Hope church of Christ will be helping us again this year and we are very blessed for them to return.

    Our attendance continues to be very encouraging with around thirty for Sunday worship. We just finished the study of Exodus last night and are moving into Leviticus this Sunday in our pm class. Wednesday nights topics are picked by members of the congregation, I draw names out of a hat and the person picks out topic of study. Right now we are studying Exegesis and then the new topic will the "The Study of Angels." 

    We continue to keep all of you in our prayers and thank each of you for helping us do what we do for the Lord. May God continue to bless your hands and that of your families!!

Talk to you soon !

In the Lord's Service

Dan P. Keele

Posted on January 13, 2014 .

Souls in Brazil Continue to be Saved!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Your prayers for fruit are being answered.

Sunday afternoon we had our weekly worship and afternoon Bible study in Sao Mateus

do Sul, Brazil (two hour drive from Curitiba).  Four people are

counting the cost before baptism and Vicente (70 years old)

decided to make Jesus his Lord.  Vicente is the first member

of the Sao Mateus do Sul church of Christ.  Pray for us as we

continue to drive their each week for worship and Bible study.

Vicente is the second in a family of five brothers and sisters.  Others are

studying the Word.


Serving Jesus with you,

Alan and Ree

Posted on January 13, 2014 .

Curitiba, Brazil Report



     Luan was baptized December 7.  He is the husband of Fabiula, who was baptized last December.  Marlene Zimmer was baptized December 10.  She has visited the small group in our home on Tuesdays off and on for the past nine years.  Ree originally taught her the Gospel lessons, then Zenir repeated the lessons for her and then I taught her the lessons again this year.  It was great to see her make Jesus Lord.  Estefany was baptized December 15.  Our Brazilian evangelist Ramos taught her.  Emanuel was baptized December 21.  He is fruit from the “Matthew Parties.”  Our brother Adeildo heard me preach earlier in the year about Matthew/Levi and how he invited his friends and working associates to a dinner at his house and invited Jesus and His disciples to the same meal.  The result was many followed Jesus.  Adeildo has brought soul after soul to Jesus through his frequent meal ministry.  Emanuel was his realtor.  After dinner, our Brazilian evangelist, Paulo set up a study with him.




     I visited São Mateus on December 8 and 15 to continue teaching them the Gospel lessons.  Nena, Roni, Jucelia and two young boys went with me.  As I preached there, the two young boys read the Scriptures for me.  The group wanted to take a break over the holidays.  Starting in January we will have a weekly worship service there and Bible study.  Pray for fruit.  Also pray for Roni.  His thirty-five year old brother was killed in a motorcycle accident this month.


     We traveled to Guarapuava on December 26-28 and had two special evenings with the church.  One was a “Matthew Meal” and the other was an evening of singing and prayer.  In January we will have worship in Guarapuava in the mornings and then drive two and a half hours to Sao Mateus for afternoon worship.




     Naiane hosted the Young Single Sister’s ministry in our home December 20.  Eleven young Christian sisters came to dinner, devotional and sleep over.  Natalie came to visit us in Curitiba from December 16 to January 1.  It is a great joy to have her home for Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Nathanael graduated from Oklahoma Christian University, with a degree in Graphic Design, on December 13.  We watched with live stream on our computer in Curitiba.  We are very grateful for the high tech staff at OC that made this possible.  Nathanael and Elise are making plans to move to Japan in April.  Pray for their work and adventure.  Naiane graduated from Chef’s school and Bakery school in December.  Alan gave his book on the work of the Holy Spirit another revision in Portuguese and sent it off to the Brazilian publisher.  Nathanael is doing the cover for the book.  It is fancy and very artistic!  Ree has been cooking up a storm for the holidays, as she serves her family and gives cookie and bread trays to stores and their employees near our home.  We hosted an end of the year Christmas party in our home for our evangelistic small group.  We had our annual cookie-decorating contest and gift exchange.  We have three visitors that are counting the cost to follow Jesus.  Pray for Nilton, Sigret and Fernanda.  We have had the small group in our home for twenty years.  This was the last time for me to lead it.  Prayerfully the group will continue in our home in 2014 with new leaders, while we move to Guarapuava.  Ree and Alan have been busy selling, donating and boxing up things for the move.  We have also been visiting and encouraging members who need strengthening in the Lord.  Pray for us.


     We want to give a super duper BIG THANK YOU to all of our supporters.  You are true partners in the Gospel.  We praise God for you!  God bless you all during this holiday season.  May God give you restful and peaceful days in the company of your families.


Serving our Lord Jesus,

Alan, Ree and Naiane Nalley

Posted on December 30, 2013 .

Mission Moab


 Mission Moab 

As of January 2014 David Malley will begin working with the Lord’s church in the community of Moab, Utah in order to help build the church up both numerically and spiritually. In addition to this though, David will also be joined by fellow Bear Valley graduate Kenny Garcia along with his wife and children assuming they are able to secure the necessary support to make their transition there. Please keep their efforts to raise support in your prayers. David and Kenny plan to spend the first few months in Moab teaching and preaching lessons that will encourage the congregation in Moab to maintain their unity, stay strong in their faith, as well as maintain a zeal for reaching the lost. 

As far as growing the church numerically is concerned, David and Kenny plan to establish contact with those sheep who have wandered from the Lord’s church and also plans to build relationships with the overall community of Moab in order to reach out to them with the gospel of Christ. This will be accomplished through the writing of articles for the local newspaper as well as by finding other ways to interact with the citizens of Moab on a regular basis. In short, reaching lost souls will be accomplished by establishing and maintaining relationships with those David and Kenny come into contact with in the community of Moab. 

Due to the overall diversity that exists in the community of Moab this will be a challenging work so we simply ask that you keep our efforts in your prayers that we might under all circumstances “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” as the apostle Paul admonished Timothy to do in 2 Timothy 2:1.

*Please pray for this exciting work in Utah! These men, along with their family members, are truly Thinking Souls!


Posted on December 30, 2013 .

Shiprock, New Mexico

Hello everyone,

    The weather is warming up to a balmy 31 deg's, man a heatwave is on the way...hahaha. We had a great week last week with the preparation of our fruit bowls on Monday and Wednesday nights. The congregation really came together and we produced 37 fruit bowls. We started with a budget and idea of doing ten and then with donations of fruit from the congregation we had to buy a lot more bowls. Kinda reminded me of Moses and the free will offering for the Tabernacle when he had to say "we have enough, please don't bring any more." It is so encouraging to see open hearts when it comes to giving to those in need!

    This week we passed the bowls out to the Senior Citizen Center in Hogback and to other elderly residents in a neighborhood that is close to the church building. We also passed out 50 gift bags and boxes that were supplied to us from the Bear Valley Homeschool Group in Denver and the Mt Hope church of Christ in Webb City, MO. Theses items were given to young children at certain schools here in the community. Names of these children were supplied to us by the school counselors. It was a great experince to work with the schools and thanks goes out to our suppoters for providing these bags and boxes!

    Please find attached this weeks bulletin and have a blessed week. Thanks for all your support in making our work here possible!!

In the Lord's Service

Dan P. Keele

Posted on December 19, 2013 .

Chuck Ramseur Update (2010 Grad)

Hello brethren,

                  The Ramseur family (Chuck, Brianna, Nik, Chris, Malachi, Isaiah, Naomi and Titus) can now be found in Georgia Bulldog country. As of November 1st we began working with a loving congregation, the Lake Oconee Church of Christ, located in beautiful Greensboro, Ga. We are joyous to have selected and to have been selected to work alongside some of the most godly men and women we have had the pleasure of meeting. We are excited about the work and overcoming some of the challenges the area offers. Being a more affluent area of Georgia, located on Lake Oconee, there are many gated and secure communities which present a challenge in door knocking and being able to meet people readily. Thankfully, meeting those same people in the grocery store, at the gym or between the walls of a coffee shop is never difficult. Lock your keys in the car and you will meet some of the nicest Sheriffs your county has to offer. This was an unintended evangelistic method Brianna employed on our first day working in this area.

                  The congregation is excited and has gotten a boost by our family’s presence. Chris and Nik (our newest additions) are acclimating to the area well. They have found work and are preferred by their boss for picking up work as well as taking time off. I am very proud of the young men they have become as they seek to serve God and to be pleasing in His sight. They have begun serving on the Lord’s table and are doing the Scripture reading before the Sunday morning sermon. The men here have incorporated them well into the work and service. Chris and Nik also accompany me to the nursing home in the town over from Greensboro where I have started a Sunday afternoon class and worship service with the residents. The nurses and assistants are interested and are asking questions about the church, so it is very encouraging for the members who go along with us to see genuine interest.

                  We are very blessed to have found a warm-hearted and genuine congregation to call home. The ladies are caring and opportunistic. The men are strong and inviting. God’s plan is always interesting to watch unfold and I am looking forward to seeing what He has in store for the Lake Oconee Church of Christ in the coming years as we all seek to serve with the same mind that was in Christ.


Chuck Ramseur and Ramseur clan

Posted on December 19, 2013 .

Alan & Ree Nalley (Brazil Report)

* Alan and Ree Nalley are 1984 BV grads. They have been long-time missionaries in Curitiba, Brazil. Below are reports from just the last 4 days. What exciting news from Brazil! If you are interested in receiving regular updates from Alan, contact him at


Hi Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for praying for fruit. Planting and watering is going on in Brazil and God is giving the increase. Luan was baptized Saturday, December 7. Ruy, our church secretary, song leader, small group leader and graduate of our preacher school taught Luan the Gospel and buried him with Christ and God resurrected Luan to eternal life. Glory to God.

Serving Jesus with you,

Alan and Ree


Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Roni and I traveled to Sao Mateus do Sul again this weekend. On Saturday evening we both went walking in separate directions on a dirt road to make friends and invite people to Bible study. On Sunday morning we had 3 members and 1 visitor for worship. The other member traveled 2 hours by bus to give us support. Sunday afternoon we had 8 visitors for Bible study.  Pray as we work the soil and plant the Seed. Roni has been a Christian for two years now.  He is now leading in worship and this week wrote his first sermon. I now know why Jesus loved to get away with the disciples, between cities.  During our trip I have been able to share a lot with him about being a good dad and husband, as well as sharing the Gospel and learning to write a sermon.  Pray for Roni as he grows in his service to the Master.

Serving Jesus,

Alan and Ree 


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have a new sister in Christ.  Marlene was baptized Monday evening, December 10. I visited her for the first time 9 years ago. She has been coming to our small group for several months now. Zenir taught her the Gospel earlier this year.  Zenir is pictured with her, right after her baptism.  I taught her the Gospel again in the past few months and now she made Jesus her Lord.  Praise God!  The group picture is our Tuesday night evangelistic small group.  Two more in the picture are close to a decision also.

Serving Jesus,

Alan and Ree

Posted on December 10, 2013 .